FaaS functions on Kubernetes are increasingly popular for writing short-lived stateless applications. We’ve often covered the developer productivity advantages, such as the time to create a useful application from scratch without learning a lot about Kubernetes.

In this webinar, we will focus on the operational aspects of serverless applications on Kubernetes. We’ll talk about this in the context of Fission, an open-source FaaS framework used to run Serverless functions on any infrastructure, on-premise or in the cloud.

Operations is largely about reliably managing changes to applications, and making sure they are running optimally.

We’ll cover operational aspects of serverless applications, including:

Managing deployments using declarative specifications.
Tracking changes to deployment configuration.
Using canary deployments to reduce the risk and impact of application changes.
Managing operational expense: We’ll show how you can make different cost-performance tradeoffs; we’ll discuss what the defaults choices imply, and how to tune these.
Finally, we’ll demonstrate how to track serverless application performance and issue alerts using Prometheus.