When Kubernetes container orchestration meets a modern microservices architecture, this inevitably increases needs related to traffic management, observability, access control, and much more. The service mesh pattern for these needs is implemented numerous ways across the ecosystem, and Microsoft has been active in the CNCF Service Mesh Interface (SMI) community, helping define the specification for standard service mesh APIs that vendors can implement to ensure plugins work on many meshes and allow customer choice of mesh provider. Microsoft has launched a new open source project, Open Service Mesh (OSM) https://openservicemesh.io/, which is a lightweight and extensible Envoy-based service mesh that implements the SMI APIs and runs on Kubernetes.

In this CNCF webinar, CNCF Ambassador Lachlan Evenson will take us on a journey of service mesh discovery in which we’ll dive deep into APIs and look at implementations. You’ll want to tune in for this service mesh ecosystem discussion if you’re interested in this space and trying to figure out your next moves.