Designing, building and operating applications for cloud-native infrastructure that are resilient, scalable, secure, and meet compliance and IT objectives gets complicated. A reality for the organizations with which we work is the fact they need to run across a hybrid deployment footprint, not just Kubernetes. Service mesh helps solve these challenges but still require customization at the organization or per cluster level.

As a highly extensible data plane for service mesh, Envoy Proxy is the cloud-native application networking technology. In this webinar, we will explore different service mesh deployment patterns, multi-cluster topologies and operations, and extensibility with WebAssembly for scalable, highly available, and resilient application environments.

Join us for a practical session that covers:
* Multi-cluster design patterns with Kubernetes and Service Mesh
* Service discovery, identity federation and more in a multi-cluster world
* How WebAssembly simplifies Envoy based service mesh customization
* Live demos and Q&A