Ran Ribenzaft, co-founder of and CTO at Epsagon, will discuss several approaches to observability for modern applications built from microservices. Since existing tracing solutions are proving inadequate for debugging microservices, many IT leaders are looking to distributed tracing for fixing microservice problems in cloud environments. Epsagon’s CTO will lead an analysis of a customer journey leveraging microservices and observability to solve biz-critical technical and business problems.
From this webinar, you will learn:
● Why troubleshooting today’s microservices is growing more complex
● Why logging and log aggregators negatively impact and slow problem solving and developer velocity
● How to create or choose a distributed tracing solution for your business – DIY, open source, and third-party solutions
● What one customer’s journeys says about the steps you can take to gain observability and its outcomes
● How to promote the value of observability to business decision makers