Managed Kubernetes services like Google’s GKE, Amazon’s EKS, and Azure’s AKS have made it much easier to spin up a Kubernetes Cluster. However, many DevOps teams lack visibility into the security and efficiency of workloads moving from development to operations. On top of that, staying ahead of problematic configurations is a heavy, manual effort.

Join Joe Pelletier, Fairwinds’ VP of Product and Robert Brennan, Fairwinds’ Director of Open Source as they discuss how to run Kubernetes securely and efficiently at scale. They’ll also cover open source tools that engineering leaders are successfully using with Kubernetes to improve the reliability, security, and scalability of their applications.

Are you currently running Kubernetes, but you’re concerned that you aren’t following security best practices? Is your production environment hitting resource limitations? Are you considering Kubernetes, but have several questions around how you will monitor and secure it? This webinar will provide you with the right knowledge and insights for running Kubernetes securely and reliably at scale.