Kubernetes has ushered in an era of complex and often large-scale microservices applications running as containers that are updated frequently via CI/CD, yet still leverages underlying network technologies like iptables built for an era of simple and static applications. Cilium, an open source CNI plugin for Kubernetes, leverages a powerful Linux kernel technology called BPF to provide a modern solution to Kubernetes networking & security, resulting in dramatically better performance and scalability, more fine-grained security, easier troubleshooting and more. In this webinar, we will provide an introduction to the core BPF technology and the Cilium architecture, as well as a deep dive into key Cilium capabilities including identity-aware security, multi-cluster routing, transparent encryption, API-aware visibility/filtering, and service-mesh acceleration.

This webinar will be presented by SUSE, an active contributor to the Cilium project who will also be using the technology as the default networking layer in SUSE CaaS Platform, and Isovalent, the startup focused on building BPF and Cilium and growing their open source communities.