The future of enterprise applications involves connecting services and applications to create real-time event-driven cloud-native applications using cloud-native technology like Kubernetes and Knative it’s possible to forward events from one cloud infrastructure to another.
In the last few years, the container community has often equated Serverless with FaaS. But packaging a function into runtime and letting Kubernetes orchestrate it is relatively straightforward. Serverless users on AWS and other cloud providers are building true cloud-native applications by composing managed services and functions. The infrastructure and the technologies used are truly abstracted and the users can freely focus on the applications they are creating while benefiting from economies of scale and security.
In this, presentation,  we will discuss a set of serverless use-cases, from LEGO to HSBC, and highlight common patterns. We will then show how these patterns can be reproduced with technologies like k-native and the cloud event specification. We will finish by waiting for the pros and cons of going serverless directly in the cloud vs. running some of the backing infrastructures yourself.