ephemeral.run: A full application environment for every PR–before you merge to master!

CNCF Member Online program
Presented by: InfraCloud, OpenGov

Recorded: Wednesday October 14, 2020

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Program Speakers: Vishal Biyani, CTO @InfraCloud & Jono Spiro, Staff Software Engineer of Engineering Operations @OpenGov

How do you give product managers an early view of new features before your changes are merged into master? How can your quality team run regression tests on a full, live environment, before merging into master? And how do you do these easily, quickly, and cheaply?

In this webinar, OpenGov and InfraCloud present “ephemeral.run” a system that enables a large team of developers to test their full stacks seamlessly within a GitHub pull-request native workflow. Ephemeral environments, but on steroids, build on the capabilities of Skaffold, Helm, and Github actions. Join us to hear about the choices we made and what the future looks like at www.ephemeral.run!