SQL data warehouses offer high-performance query over enormous quantities of data. Up until now they have been rare beasts on Kubernetes. This webinar introduces the ClickHouse Kubernetes operator and shows how it enables cloud native operation of ClickHouse, a popular open source data warehouse.

The webinar covers three topics.
* A user-level intro to the ClickHouse operator, showing how to spin up multi-node ClickHouse installations using a simple customer resource definition file
* A quick dive into operator design, showing how it works internally and some key design decisions like use of statefulsets and placement rules for data
* A wrap-up demonstrating how the resulting cloud native data warehouse enables easy addition of analytics to other Kubernetes applications

The data warehouse use case offers a number of great lessons about cloud native designs for data that we look forward to sharing with listeners. Please join us to learn more about the future of analytics on Kubernetes.