Edge computing has been considered the “next big thing” by the IT industry. However, unlike cloud computing, there is still no established standard regarding how edge computing should be offered as a service to the developers. This presentation is trying to share a concept model that can efficiently achieve this goal. For service providers, this model is a simple way to make their resources at various edge locations available to developers. For the developers, the enormous bandwidth and ultra-low latency offer by this new platform should be able to unlock numerous new applications that were once limited by the capability of the centralized cloud. This does not mean the centralized cloud will be abandoned, but any application designed based on it will need to be re-architected to take full advantage of the new features introduced by the edge. An important part of this presentation will be addressing this. This presentation is not about a specific product or tool. We are trying to get more consensus on the best model for EaaS (edge as a service).