This webinar will be delivered in Chinese.

In this session, we will present practices and principles to build an application management platform with Kubernetes.
Specifically, we will try to answer these questions based on practices we learned from the entire community:
* What capabilities we need from k8s to build such platform? Where should we start?
* What capabilities is already built-in k8s out-of-box and what is missing (or, some other are better in the wild)?
* Can we simply assemble these capabilities into a platform? Or, we must get hands dirty?
* How to setup good developer experience for the platform?
* How about the CI/CD pipeline? Is GitOps in the story?

在本次演讲中,我们将分享基于 Kubernetes 构建应用管理平台的各种实践与背后的原则。我们将尝试基于我们从整个社区所学习到实践来回答如下几个问题:
* 构建这样一个平台我们需要 k8s 提供哪些能力?又应该从哪里开始做起?
* 哪些能力是 k8s 原生就已经提供的,哪些是暂时缺失的(或者社区里有更好的替代方案)?
* 我们只要简单的把这些能力组装起来就得到一个应用平台了吗?还是说必须要做改造和二次开发工作?
* 我们如何让这个平台提供更好的最终用户体验?
* CI/CD 系统如何构建?GitOps 是这个故事的一部分吗?