Kubernetes can unlock rapid development cycles and increased feature velocity. Kubernetes also disrupts your software development lifecycle. Organizations that have successfully embraced cloud-native technologies like Kubernetes have invested heavily in creating a self-service application platform to enable Full Cycle Development.
How can you make sure your developers are empowered and your organization is getting all the benefits a technology like Kubernetes has to offer?
In this webinar, we will discuss the four capabilities that are essential to Full Cycle Development: container management, progressive delivery, edge management, and observability:

– Container Management with Kubernetes. Manage and run container-based applications at scale and on a variety of infrastructures.
– Progressive Delivery with Continuous Delivery Pipelines. Support the creation of pipelines that enable the automated build, verification, deployment, release, and observability of applications by developers.
– Edge Management with a Self-Service API Gateway. Enable developers to release new functionality in a self-service manner.
– Observability with an Observability Stack. Allow developers and platform teams to collect and analyze end-user and application feedback.

Join this webinar will talk through the requirements for these technologies as well as discuss common antipatterns and how to avoid them