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NetworkWorld: "What's behind Linux's new Cloud Native Computing Foundation?" July 21, 2016
Today a group of 19 companies, led primarily by Google, created a new open source foundation that aims to specify how clouds should be architected to serve modern applications. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation is housed in the...

CNCF Media Coverage
TechCentral: "Prometheus open source cloud monitoring" July 21, 2016
Prometheus, an open source system for monitoring and alerting a wide spectrum of enterprise IT events, including containers, has released its 1.0 revision. It is also the second product in what amounts to a portfolio assembled by the...

CNCF Media Coverage
The New Stack “One year old, Kubernetes is already changing the rules” July 21, 2016
Nothing about what’s happened in the nearly one year since Kubernetes 1.0 was announced, should come as a surprise to anyone. Google has fostered an ecosystem around Kubernetes in much the same way Docker Inc. has built an...

CNCF Media Coverage
The Register: "Prometheus 1.0 rises" July 20, 2016
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation‘s second project, Prometheus, has hit version 1.0. Prometheus is a white box monitoring tool designed to simultaneously monitor lots of different parts of the stack making up a cloud-native application.

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InfoWorld: "Prometheus unbound: Open source cloud monitoring" July 18, 2016
Prometheus 1.0 is part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s effort to assemble a product portfolio for a container-based, open source cloud.

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ZDNet Japan: "'Standardization of container' is to accelerate the software company of the enterprise: Linux Foundation executive" July 15, 2016
The Linux Foundation in July 2015, launched container, cloud, organizations that major vendor with a web scale IT aims to standardize the container in a coordinated the “Open Container Initiative (OCI).”

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The Cloudcast: "Episode #258 – Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)" June 25, 2016
Brian talks with Dan Kohn (@dankohn1, Executive Director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation) about the role of foundations, the CNCF, the emergence of containers, co-opetition in the marketplace and how web scale technologies are getting used by...

CNCF Media Coverage "Q&A: CNCF on instilling a DevOps culture, Part 2" June 21, 2016
In part one of this two-part series, introduced the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), a nonprofit organization with 49 members engaged in promoting the development of cloud native applications. Let’s continue with the CNCF’s thoughts on instilling...

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ChaoSuan, Crunchy Data, Qbox, StorageOS, and Treasure Data join Cloud Native Computing Foundation to bring enterprises business agility June 17, 2016
New members support efforts to nurture agile, maintainable and interoperable cloud native technologies SEATTLE – DockerCon – June 20, 2016 – The Cloud Native Computing Foundation, a Linux Foundation project and organization dedicated to advancing the development of...

CNCF Media Coverage
The New Stack: "Contributing to Prometheus: An open source tutorial" June 9, 2016
Recently adopted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit, focused on supporting the operation of microservices and containers. .