CNCF Media Coverage
Forbes: "Containers are the future but the future isn't finished" November 17, 2016
Containers are a big deal, and they’re only going to get bigger. That’s my view after attending the latest KubeCon (and CloudNativeCon) in Seattle last week.

CNCF Media Coverage
theCUBE: "The digital revolution’s hidden secret: Open-source cloud software | #KubeCon" November 12, 2016
Open-source software has been key to the transformation of business because it is low-cost, often free, and easy for a young company to modify and deploy. Because of these strong points, open-source software has produced powerful technologies for...

CNCF Media Coverage
The New Stack: "KubeCon pancake breakfast: Keep the dream alive" November 12, 2016
For our KubeCon TNS Analysts Pancakes and Podcasts, held Wednesday, we invited Cisco Chief Technology Officer of the Cloud Platforms and Services Group Ken Owens, consulting analyst and TNS contributor Janakiram MSV, Google Cloud Platform Developer Advocate Kelsey...

CNCF Media Coverage
VMblog: "Cloud Native Computing Foundation launches certification, training and managed service provider program for Kubernetes" November 10, 2016
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), which is sustaining and integrating open source technologies to orchestrate containers as part of a microservices architecture, launched a program today to train, certify and promote Kubernetes Managed Service Providers (KMSP), which...

CNCF Media Coverage
OStatic: "Canonical and others join Cloud Native Computing Foundation" November 10, 2016
When The Linux Foundation announced the Cloud Native Computing Foundation last year, its members already represented some of the most powerful technology and open source leaders around. Right out of the gate, members included AT&T, Box, Cisco, Cloud...

CNCF Media Coverage
SD Times: "TypeScript 2.1 RC, Kotlin 1.0.5, and Cloud Native Computing Foundation Kubernetes certification" November 10, 2016
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation wants to help enterprises deploy Kubernetes, the open-source system for automating container deployment, scaling and management. The organization announced a new program to train, certify and promote Kubernetes Managed Service Projects. The new...

CNCF Media Coverage
SiliconANGLE: "Cloud Native Computing Foundation unveils Fluentd data collector" November 9, 2016
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which is tasked with nurturing the open-source Kubernetes container orchestration platform project among others, has been busy. On Tuesday, the group announced a host of new members, a new certification course and a...

CNCF Media Coverage
RedMonk: "Kubernetes – from evolution to an established ecosystem" November 9, 2016
We have looked at the overall code contributions to Kubernetes a number of times before, and the major trends that we have previously observed still hold. With the level of interest in the project continuing to increase and...

CNCF Media Coverage
GeekWire: "Are you ‘cloud native’? Sold-out Seattle conference offers a peek at the future of apps" November 9, 2016
More than 1,000 developers, vendors and end-users of open-source software have gathered in Seattle this week for the sold-out CloudNativeCon + KubeCon, a conference devoted to technologies for microservices, containers and the cloud. The show is sponsored by...

CNCF Media Coverage "CloudNativeCon unites leaders in open source, container and cloud native tech" October 25, 2016
Today’s cloud native ecosystem is growing at an incredibly rapid pace – as new technologies are continuously introduced and current applications are ever-evolving. Taking the lead in bringing together the industry’s top developers, end users, and vendors, the...