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DevClass: "And another one: CNCF accepts CRI-O into incubator" April 9, 2019
Red Hat initiated CRI-O, an OCI-based (Open Container Initiative) implementation of the Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface, is the latest project voted into the ranks of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

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Container Journal: "CNCF formally adopts CRI-O runtime for Kubernetes" April 8, 2019
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced today that a container runtime designed specifically for Kubernetes has been formally accepted as an incubation project.

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SDxCentral: "CNCF remains focused as cloud native interest soars" April 3, 2019
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) might not be the largest open source organization or even the largest group under the broader Linux Foundation umbrella, but it has been one of the fastest growing thanks to such hosted...

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DevClass: "OPA gets to leave the sandbox to play with the big kids in the CNCF incubator" April 3, 2019
Policy engine Open Policy Agent, or OPA for short, has been accepted into the incubator of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). The project joined the CNCF’s sandbox in March 2018 and is now expected to graduate within...

CNCF Media Coverage "TOC votes to move OPA into CNCF incubator" April 2, 2019
Today, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) voted to accept the Open Policy Agent (OPA) as an incubation-level hosted project.

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DevClass: "Kubernetes 1.14 opens up for enterprise Windows users, mascot zoo grows" March 26, 2019
Container orchestrator Kubernetes (K8s) has reached another milestone and is now available in v1.14, bringing CLI updates, production-level Windows support, and generally available persistent local volumes.

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Container Journal: "Latest update to Kubernetes arrives" March 26, 2019
The release team in charge of Kubernetes this week released an update to Kubernetes that formally adds support for Windows Server.

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Jaxenter: "Kubernetes 1.14 arrives with tons of new features and major updates" March 26, 2019
The first Kubernetes release for 2019 is here! Version 1.14 offers a huge list of new features including major Kubectl updates, Persistent Local Volumes going GA, and much more.

Forbes: "Kubernetes 1.14 ships with production-grade support for Microsoft Windows worker nodes"
Forbes: "Kubernetes 1.14 ships with production-grade support for Microsoft Windows worker nodes" March 26, 2019
The cloud native community has shipped the first release of Kubernetes in 2019. The latest version, 1.14 comes with many new features and extensibility options.

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Hosting Advice: "CNCF: An open-source software foundation empowering organizations to build and run scalable apps in public, private, and hybrid clouds" March 25, 2019
The Great Recession of 2008 devastated global markets, sent foreclosure rates soaring, and robbed millions of their financial well-being. But even the darkest clouds have a silver lining, which, in this case, came in the form of increased...