CNCF Media Coverage "Put wind into your deployments with Kubernetes and Helm" April 23, 2018
Kubernetes is one of the most popular tools and has quickly become the leading orchestration platform for containerized applications. As an open-source tool, it has one of the biggest developer communities in the world. With many companies using...

CNCF Media Coverage
The New Stack: "All the complexities and all the topics for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon" April 21, 2018
The complexities are a given. That can sum up Kubernetes. It’s going to take time to unfold. And here’s why in this episode of The New Stack Makers podcast that I recorded with Kelsey Hightower and Liz Rice,...

CNCF Media Coverage
TechBeacon: "A hacker's guide to Kubernetes security" April 11, 2018
Kubernetes has exploded onto the technology scene over the last couple of years, as many organizations, including major cloud companies, adopted it as the default way to orchestrate and scale their container-based workloads. But as with any new,...

CNCF Media Coverage
TechBeacon: "3 cloud-native challenges: How to get your app behavior in check" April 10, 2018
Cloud systems have become the infrastructure standard for everyone, from small startups to large-scale enterprises. You can shift any application to the cloud, but if it’s not cloud-native, it won’t fully leverage the cloud’s benefits, such as load...

CNCF Media Coverage
TechBeacon: "Cloud-native architectures are reshaping the enterprise" April 5, 2018
“Cloud-native” is a term that simply did not exist a decade ago. In fact, “cloud” was barely part of the lexicon, so the concept of a cloud-focused technology stack was not even a consideration. This is why, even...

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eWeek: "CNCF expands cloud security capabilities with SPIFFE, OPA projects" March 29, 2018
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced on March 29 that it is adding the Open Policy Agent (OPA) and the Secure Production Identity Framework for Everyone (SPIFFE) projects to its hosted projects roster. .

CNCF Media Coverage
SiliconANGLE: "Latest Kubernetes update sets stage for KubeCon in May" March 28, 2018
With the release of Kubernetes 1.10 in March, developers and users familiar with the project will have plenty to discuss when the community gathers in Copenhagen, Denmark, on May 2 through 4 for KubeCon, the Cloud Native Computing...

CNCF Media Coverage
InfoWorld: "What’s new in Kubernetes containers" March 28, 2018
The latest version of the container orchestration system Kubernetes, 1.10, moves some storage, DNS, and authentication features to beta status. Released in late March 2018, Kubernetes 1.10 is also the first release under a new life cycle management...

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Light Reading: "ONAP, CNCF come together on Containers" March 27, 2018
ONAP and Kubernetes, two of the fastest growing and in demand open source projects, are coming together at Open Networking Summit this week. To ensure ONAP runs on Kubernetes in any environment, ONAP is now a part of...

CNCF Media Coverage
eWeek: "Envoy CNCF project completes security audit, delivers new release" March 23, 2018
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has begun a process of performing third-party security audits for its projects, with the first completed audit coming from the Envoy proxy project. The Envoy proxy project was created by ride-sharing company...