The Headlines

Editor’s picks of the highlights from the past week.

Mesosphere is now D2iQ
Mike Fey, D2IQ

“As a company name, Mesosphere doesn’t represent the evolution of our strategy and the services we have offered our customers for some time. Thus, we felt the need to expand our identity. [.. We] are not walking away from ‘Mesosphere’ as a concept or a brand. In fact, it’s a critical part of our future, living on as a core solution category and offering.”

The refreshed brand and company name: D2iQ (which stands for Day-Two-I-Q).

Open Sourcing the Kubernetes Security Audit
Chris Aniszczyk, CNCF

Last year, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) began the process of performing and open sourcing third-party security audits for its projects in order to improve the overall security of our ecosystem.

The main takeaway from these initial audits is that a public security audit is a great way to test the quality of an open source project along with its vulnerability management process and more importantly, how resilient the open source project’s security practices are. With CNCF graduated projects especially, which are used widely in production by some of the largest companies in the world, it is imperative that they adhere to the highest levels of security best practices.

The Technical

Tutorials, tools, and more that take you on a deep dive into the code.

CVE-2019-11247 and CVE-2019-11249
Kubernetes Product Security Team

Running HA Kubernetes clusters on AWS using KubeOne
Alexander Sowitzki

Migrating RabbitMQ to Kubernetes without downtime
Ivan Khramov, Flant

Tools and Methods for Auditing Kubernetes RBAC Policies
Mark Manning, ncc group

Writing Your First Kubernetes Operator
Xavier Coulon, Red Hat

How to Remediate Kubernetes Security Vulnerability: CVE-2019-11247
Karen Bruner, StackRox

Increasing resilience in Kubernetes
Tim Little, Kudos

Istio Security Basics: Running Microservices on Zero-Trust Networks
Karen Bruner, StackRox

Kubernetes pod autoscaler using custom metrics
Mateo Burillo, Sysdi

WEBINAR RECORDING: Make your container images safer and more reliable with Harbor, the cloud native registry

OPA Gatekeeper: Policy and Governance for Kubernetes
Rita Zhang (Microsoft), Max Smythe (Google), Craig Hooper (Commonwealth Bank AU), Tim Hinrichs (Styra), Lachie Evenson (Microsoft), Torin Sandall (Styra)


Upcoming webinars on cloud native technologies.
Kubernetes Ingress: Simplify Cluster Management Across Any Platform or Environment

Harry Bagdi, Senior Cloud Engineer @Kong

Aug 8 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am PDT

Monitoring Kubernetes workloads: the sidecar pattern

Caleb Hailey, CEO @Sensu

Aug 13 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am PDT

The Editorial

Articles, announcements, and more that give you a high-level overview of challenges and features.

Podcast: Attacking and Defending Kubernetes, with Ian Coldwater
Adam Glick and Craig Box

Mesosphere changes name to D2IQ, shifts focus to Kubernetes, cloud native
Ron Miller, TechCrunch

Powering Edge With Kubernetes: A Primer
Sagar Nangare, Container Journal

How Can Kubernetes Be Used for Genetic Analysis?
Mu Huan and Eric Li, Alibaba Cloud

My experience at Kubernetes Day India 2019
Atibhi Agrawal

Kubernetes’ Move to the Edge: A Great Thing
Carmine Rimi, Container Journal

Introducing the PLONK Stack for Cloud Native Developers
Alex Ellis, OpenFaaS

Introduction to Service Meshes on Kubernetes and Progressive Delivery

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