Guest post by Atibhi Agrawal, originally published on Medium

I had been hearing the buzzword Kubernetes and cloud computing for a long time but I had no idea what it was. One day my senior Rajula Vineet Reddy posted on our college’s Facebook group that Kubernetes Day India was being held in Infosys Campus, Bengaluru. Infosys Campus is right opposite our college IIIT Bangalore and this seemed like a good opportunity to get know about Kubernetes. I applied for a diversity ticket and was very happy when I got it !

Kubernetes Day India, March 23, 2019 name tag of Atibhi Agrawal IIIT Bangalore held facing the stage in conference room


I went to the Infosys Campus at 9:00 am. I registered for the conference, got my badge and picked up my T-shirt. Then, I had breakfast and went to attend the KeyNote by Liz Rice.

Liz Rice speaks on a stage presenting on Kubernetes Day - India about "It is often easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission"

She talked about how permissions work in Kubernetes and of how we can think of Kubernetes as a distributed operating system. She drew analogies with the Linux Operating System and this helped us to understand the topic better. Her talk was beginner friendly and truly one of the best keynotes I have ever attended.

The next few talks were all beginner friendly and helped me to get to know about Kubernetes. Most of the advanced talks were during the later half.

Two talks that I found really helpful were Noobernetes 101: Top 10 Questions We Get From New K8s Users by Neependra Khare, CloudYuga Technologies & Karthik Gaekwad from Oracle and How to Contribute to Kubernetes by Nikhita Raghunath from Loodse.

In “Noobernetes 101” Neependra and Karthik covered some faqs like What kind of services should we use for our applications?How can we do capacity planning in K8s? Why there is a high learning curve in K8s? Isn’t K8s too complicated?
What is the best way to set a development environment with K8s?

In Nikhita’s talk “How to Contribute to Kubernetes”she talked about getting started with contributing to Kubernetes. She told us about the different parts of Kubernetes and how they work, how the various components are related, the skills we need to get started and learn the best ways to get our first Pull Request accepted. She also talked about her GSoC experience.

Nikitha talk on stage on Kubernetes Day India
Talk by Nikitha. Photo Credits : Paavini Nanda

Apart from the talks the sponsor companies had booths in the conference venue where they were sharing information about the services they offer, openings in their companies as well as giving out swag if we answered questions about their APIs. It was a great networking opportunity and I went to almost every booth.

My experience at Kubernetes Day India was memorable. I made lots of new friends, learnt so much about something totally new to me and in the process got a lot of swag. If you’re reading this, I highly recommend you to attend any event by CNCF and Kubernetes. It is an amazing community ❤