The Headlines

Editor’s picks of the highlights from the past week.

The What and the Why of the Cluster API

Tim St. Clair, VMware

This post outlines the history and motivations behind the creation of the Cluster API as a specialized toolset to bring declarative, Kubernetes-style APIs to cluster creation, configuration, and management in the Kubernetes ecosystem.


KubeEdge, a Kubernetes Native Edge Computing Framework

Sanil Kumar D & Jun Du, Huawei

KubeEdge, which was announced last year, now brings great news for cloud native computing! It provides a complete edge computing solution based on Kubernetes with separate cloud and edge core modules.

Kubernetes Setup Using Ansible and Vagrant

Naresh L J, Infosys

This blog post describes the steps required to setup a multi node Kubernetes cluster for development purposes. This setup provides a production-like cluster that can be setup on your local machine.


Upcoming webinars on cloud native technologies.
Operationalizing Kubernetes Security Best Practices

Connor Gilbert, StackRox
March 26 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am PDT


Best practices for monitoring application health on Kubernetes: a conversation with real platform owners

William Morgan, Buoyant
March 28 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am PDT

The Technical

Tutorials, tools, and more that take you on a deep dive into the code.

Running Kubernetes In The CI Pipeline For Integration and End-To-End Tests
Marko Mudrinic, Loodse

Running a Tight Ship: Deploying Kubernetes to Run Windows Containers
João Valentim, OutSystems

Routing in a Multi-Platform Data Center: From VMs to Kubernetes, via Ambassador
Daniel Bryant,

Creating a Kubernetes Cluster with Digital Ocean and Terraform

How to deploy NuoDB on Kubernetes with
Murat Karslioglu, OpenEBS

gRPC Load Balancing inside Kubernetes
Fabrice Aneche, NoBugware

Kubernetes Auditing
Hrishikesh Deodhar, InfraCloud

CI/CD for Knative serverless apps on Kubernetes with Concourse
Sergey Ryabin, Aptomi

Intro to Kops: Kubernetes Operations and How to Get Started Managing Kubernetes in Production
Brian Mathews, Oracle

Tooling Spotlight:

The Editorial

Articles, announcements, and more that give you a high-level overview of challenges and features.

A Look Back and What’s in Store for Kubernetes Contributor Summits
Paris Pittman, Google & Jonas Rosland, VMware

Inside Kubernetes RBAC
Andrew Chen, Google & Dominik Tornow, SAP

How A Cryptocurrency Miner Made Its Way onto Our Internal Kubernetes Clusters
Brian Choy, JW Player

Kubernetes – The Fast and Furious?
Anita Buehrle, Weaveworks

NetEase’s System Supports 30,000 Nodes in a Single Cluster
Julie Dam, CNCF

Kubernetes’ Push to the Edge Shows Innovation, Challenges
Dan Meyer, SDxCentral

Multiple stages within a Kubernetes cluster
Michael Frembs, JAXenter

Kubernetes: piloting the cybernetic dreamboat
Sam Galson, YLD

The Missing Introduction To Containerization
Aymen El Amri, Eralabs, a Public Registry for Kubernetes Operators
Diogo Carleto, InfoQ

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