AppDeveloperCon Europe

Happening 19 March 2024 in Paris

Co-chairs: Mark Fussell (Diagrid) , Roland Huss (Redhat), Paul Schweigert (IBM)

AppDeveloperCon is for developers and architects at all levels. Traditionally KubeCon is focused on infrastructure technologies and operations so if you’re a developer it’s a great chance to go to a co-located event and see how CNCF technologies are being used in app development.. Nearly 4500 developers and architects came to KubeCon in Chicago when we held the first AppDeveloperCon co-located event which had an average attendance session  of over 240 people. This co-located event is another opportunity for them to hear practical experience on how to build resilient, scalable applications with open source technologies and get the most out of the CNCF. 

Who will get the most out of attending AppDeveloperCon Europe?

Application developers will benefit, however so will anyone involved with architecting and deploying applications and of course CTOs looking to make technology decisions. We want to focus on best practices around application architecture, security, reliability, testing, modernizations  – basically everything that’s involved in building business applications. The goal is to help people understand how to build secure, reliable and durable applications backed up with  case studies about platform migration and technology choices. AppDeveloperCon covers a broad range of technologies including Knative, gRPC, Crossplane, Dapr, and OpenFGA and more. 

What is new and different this year?

We have a really strong lineup of speakers including people from MongoDB, Intuit, Red Hat and Liquid Reply, as well as some from companies not as well known but with very practical experiences to share. This is probably the greatest element of AppDeveloperCon Europe. Also, we’re not going to focus just on one technology, but on many amazing open source technologies, both inside and outside of the CNCF ecosystem, and how these work together. Finally, we’re looking at real world problems – including how to build using open source, how to use open source standards, how to create custom development deployment pipelines, how to understand modern application development, how to architect to move from a few thousand users to millions, how to develop locally vs. in the cloud, and how to handle the different approaches to testings.

What will the day look like?

We tried to group things together, spending time with everything from polyglot, multi-language development, to building custom pipelines, listening to case studies, and even a lightning talk on quantum computing. Expect the morning to focus more on architecture design and the afternoon on modern software development and use cases.

Should I do a bit of homework first?

No advance prep required – just come to network with others but then please take our survey we’ll put out during the event so we can make this even better in the future. We want your feedback and input and of course tweet your experiences!

Looking for community?

You’ll find it! Come and meet like-minded people solving the problems of application development using open source and be inspired by how other people blend technologies together. This is a great opportunity to network with other developers.

Contributed by co-chair Mark Fussell, who is eager to see how Notre Dame has been restored after the devastating fire, as well as to enjoy some French cuisine.

CTA: It’s not too late to register for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Paris 2024. Get all the details here!