By the Interim CNCF Code of Conduct Committee

The Interim Code of Conduct Committee has developed drafts of the following interim policies and procedures and has posted them to the CNCF website for review and comment by CNCF community members:

If you would like to submit comments, please do so via our Interim Code of Conduct Procedures feedback form being circulated to CNCF mailing lists on or before July 15, 2022.

The Interim CoC Committee will review the comments, consider whether to make modifications in light of the comments and then finalize the policies and procedures and vote to adopt them.  Final approved versions will then be published on the CNCF website and announced in another blog post.  After voting to approve the interim documentation, the Interim CoC Committee does not intend to make further changes as it could impact ongoing investigations.

Please remember that the interim policies and procedures will apply on a temporary interim basis.  The Interim CoC Committee and interim policies and procedures will be replaced with the final output of the collaborative process to implement longer-term updates to CNCF Code of Conduct processes (described as Step 2 in this earlier blog post), expected to take 4-6 months.  For that reason, the Interim CoC Committee may decline to incorporate suggestions that, in its opinion, require further discussion amongst the community in order to implement, even if the Interim CoC Committee thinks they are good suggestions.  Therefore, if your suggestions are not incorporated by the Interim CoC Committee, please still consider submitting those same suggestions to the CNCF Code of Conduct Update Project.

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