By the Interim CNCF Code of Conduct Committee

CNCF has launched a new Interim Code of Conduct Committee (CoC Committee) consisting of community members and staff.  This interim committee will respond to CNCF Code of Conduct incidents on a temporary basis until a more permanent structure is created by the collaborative effort described as Step 2 in Upcoming Code of Conduct Updates at CNCF and today’s blog post: New Structure for the CNCF Code of Conduct Update Project.  

Why an Interim CoC Committee?

The collaborative effort to update CNCF Code of Conduct processes over the next several months is important work that is going to take time.  CNCF is launching the Interim CoC to realize the benefits of involving community members in incident resolution sooner rather than later, without rushing the collaborative process to build a longer-term solution.

Members of the Interim Committee

The Interim CoC Committee is composed of 3 volunteers from the Technical Oversight Committee, 1 representative of The Linux Foundation (LF) Events team, and 2 CNCF staff members.  The committee members are listed below:

Interim Committee Alternates

To ensure there are always multiple community members involved in resolution of an incident, the Interim CoC Committee has selected an alternate–Davanum “Dims” Srinivas, TOC Chair–who can step in if one or more of the primary community member representatives are unavailable (e.g., due to illness) or have to recuse themselves due to a conflict of interest.  The Interim CoC Committee may invite up to two additional community members to serve as alternates.  Similarly, LF and CNCF can appoint an alternate in the event one of their representatives has a conflict of interest or is unavailable. 

Interim Policies and Procedures

The Interim CoC Committee is developing interim policies, procedures, and documentation.  When initial drafts are ready, we’ll make them publicly available and announce them in another blog post.  There will be a two-week comment period during which community members will be invited to submit feedback.  After considering community feedback, the Interim CoC Committee will finalize the documentation and publish the approved versions.