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7 Ways to mitigate your SaaS application security risks

October 8, 2021

Originally published on the Msys Technologies blog If you’re a SaaS entrepreneur or you’re looking to build a SaaS application, in that case, you may already be aware of the fact that…

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micro-lc: a new open-source project for micro frontend orchestration

October 6, 2021 By Mia-Platform Team

Guest post originally published on Mia-Platform‘s blog by Mia-Platform Team What is micro frontend orchestration? And, what are the bene5fits of micro-lc? Read the article below to discover everything you need to…

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Distributed tracing in Grafana with Tempo and Jaeger

October 5, 2021 By Ruturaj Kadikar

Guest post originally published on InfraCloud’s blog by Ruturaj Kadikar, Software Engineer at InfraCloud  Why do I need tracing if I have a good logging and monitoring framework?  Application logs are beneficial…

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Automation is the future of cloud cost optimization

September 29, 2021 By Laurent Gil

Guest post by Laurent Gil, Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer at CAST.AI Managing cloud costs is a balancing act. Scaling cloud resources is so easy that it often leads companies to lose control…

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GitOps 101: What’s it all about?

September 28, 2021 By Andrew Zola

Guest post originally published on Magalix‘ blog by Andrew Zola If you think GitOps sounds a bit like DevOps, you would be right. GitOps is essentially an operational framework that uses DevOps best practices. In…

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Kubernetes Ingress gRPC example with a Dune quote service

September 24, 2021 By Viktor Gamov

Guest post originally published on Kong’s blog by Viktor Gamov, Principal Developer Advocate at Kong APIs come in all different shapes and forms. In this tutorial, I’ll show you a Kubernetes Ingress…

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Handle flash sale with Easegress and WebAssembly

September 23, 2021 By Bomin Zhang

Guest post originally published on Github by Bomin Zhang of Megaease A flash sale is a discount or promotion offered by an eCommerce store for a short period. The quantity is limited,…

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Understand OpenTelemetry part 4: Instrument a Java app with OpenTelemetry

September 22, 2021 By Jack Berg

Guest post originally published on New Relic’s blog by Jack Berg, engineer at New Relic This blog post is part of the Understand OpenTelemetry series. Part 1 gave an overview to OpenTelemetry and discussed why it…

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Why choose a multi-cloud strategy?

September 21, 2021

Guest post originally published on the Snapt blog by Craig Risi To cloud or not to cloud? This question has been around for a while now, as the cloud has opened the…

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How Chaos Mesh helps Apache APISIX improve system stability

September 20, 2021 By Shuyang Wu

Guest post originally published on PingCAP‘s blog by Shuyang Wu Apache APISIX is a cloud-native, high-performance, scaling microservices API gateway. It is one of the Apache Software Foundation’s top-level projects and serves hundreds…