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How does threat intelligence work?

January 24, 2022 By Iwan Price-Evans

Guest post originally published on Snapt’s blog by Iwan Price-Evans The software and web industries speak a lot about security and the ability to handle security threats intelligently. In a landscape where…

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How to monitor endpoints in Kubernetes using Blackbox Exporter

January 20, 2022 By Suramya Shah

Guest post originally published on InfraCloud’s blog by Suramya Shah Monitoring endpoints is an important aspect of system observability for diagnosing performance and availability issues. In this article, we will cover in…

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How to run Kubernetes without Docker

January 19, 2022 By Alessandro Lo Manto

Guest post originally published on Sighup’s blog by Alessandro Lo Manto In late 2020, the Kubernetes team deprecated Docker and announced that support will be completely removed at the end of 2021.‌…

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DevSecOps: cybersecurity for cloud native applications

January 18, 2022 By SparkFabrik Team

Guest post originally published on SparkFabrik’s blog by SparkFabrik Team DevOps makes software delivery faster and more reliable, but leaves security practices to specialists at the end of the cycle. This can create…

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Finding the best containerization approach for your application portfolio with open source tool Tackle Container Advisor

January 17, 2022

Guest post by Raju Pavuluri Application Modernization: Application Modernization touches several areas and many aspects – ranging from application transformation, data modernization to business transformation. AI powered tools, such as TCA discussed…

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Implementing chaos engineering in K8s: chaos mesh principle analysis and control plane development

January 13, 2022 By Mayo Cream

Guest post originally published on PingCAP‘s blog by Mayo Cream Chaos Mesh is an open-source, cloud-native Chaos Engineering platform built on Kubernetes (K8s) custom resource definitions (CRDs). Chaos Mesh can simulate various types…

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Kubernetes: A cost challenge waiting to happen

January 12, 2022 By Roi Ravhon

Guest post originally published on Finout’s blog by Roi Ravhon, CEO and co-founder of Finout Containers are the uprising technology of the last decade with their flexible scalability and portability. According to a…

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Top GitOps tactics to build secure cloud native infrastructure

January 7, 2022 By Andrew Zola

Guest post originally published on Magalix’s blog by Andrew Zola GitOps adoption is on the rise, driven by enterprise migration to the cloud. We can attribute its growing popularity to its efficiency…

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Top 4 cloud native trends in 2022 shaping the future of business

January 5, 2022 By Mia-Platform Team

Guest post originally published on Mia-Platform’s blog by Mia-Platform Team In this current moment of market change and digital business transformation, the trends in the cloud-native world confirm the interest of companies…

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EdgeX Foundry on K3s – the inception

January 4, 2022 By Ruturaj Kadikar

Guest post originally published on InfraCloud’s blog by Ruturaj Kadikar This blog post is part 1 of a series of articles about how to deploy and operate EdgeX Foundry – an open…