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Comparing log management SaaS and PaaS solutions

July 21, 2021 By Ajit Chelat

Guest post by Ajit Chelat, LOGIQ With the ever-increasing complexity in today’s software stacks, there’s a greater need to ramp up an organization’s observability capabilities to take on challenges brought about by…

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Think gRPC, when you are architecting modern microservices!

July 19, 2021 By Nikhil Mohan

Guest post by Nikhil Mohan, Senior Technology Architect at Infosys More than ever before, present day businesses want their IT systems to constantly evolve and be capable of responding positively to the…

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When ‘good enough’ isn’t good or enough

July 16, 2021 By Dan Sela

Guest post originally published on Rookout’s blog by Dan Sela, Development Team Lead at Rookout You know the phrase “good enough”? As in, “it’s good enough right now, we can worry about…

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Networking with a service mesh: use cases, best practices, and comparison of top mesh options

July 15, 2021

Guest post by Amir Kaushansky, VP Product, ARMO Service mesh technology emerged with the popularization of microservice architectures. Because service mesh facilitates the separation of networking from the business logic, it enables…

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How to prepare for CKAD and CKA certification

July 13, 2021 By InfraCloud Team

Guest post originally published on InfraCloud’s blog by Ninad Desai, Gaurav Gahlot, Yatish Sharma, Jaiganesh Karthikeyan, and Dhruv Mewada While preparing for the CNCF’s CKAD or CKA certification, there could be numerous doubts, which exam to…

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“But what if we just use encryption?” – Practical GDPR for CTOs

July 12, 2021 By Lars Larsson

Guest post originally published on Elastisys’s blog by Lars Larsson, Senior Cloud Architect, and DevOps Expert Engineer at Elastisys CTOs with applications targeting EU citizens know that GDPR in this post-“Schrems II” world…

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Flux project update – July 2021

July 9, 2021 By Daniel Holbach

Guest post originally published on Flux’s blog by Daniel Holbach As the Flux family of projects and its communities are growing, we strive to inform you each month about what has already…

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Automate service mesh observability with Kuma

July 8, 2021 By Marco Palladino

Guest post originally published on Kong’s blog by Marco Palladino, CTO at Kong The more services you have running across different clouds and Kubernetes clusters, the harder it is to ensure that you have…

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IBM implements remote attestation on Linux with a hardware root-of-trust using Keylime

July 6, 2021 By Michael Peters & Gheorghe Almasi

Guest post by Michael Peters (Red Hat) & Gheorghe Almasi (IBM) If your organization is managing hundreds or thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of servers, how do you make sure they haven’t…

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Decoding Disaster Recovery (DR) scenarios in AWS

July 2, 2021 By Akash Bakshi

Guest post by Akash Bakshi at MSys Technologies AWS is known to be a high-performance, scalable computing infrastructure, which more and more organizations are adapting to modernize their IT. However, one must…