We are ecstatic to announce the launch of 10 new community shows on CloudNative.tv starting on June 7th. CNCF launched livestreaming on Twitch at the beginning of the year with Cloud Native Live and interactive shows during KubeCon + CloudNativeCon. The community has now stepped forward to grow our presence on Twitch and bring many more stories into the spotlight. CloudNative.tv’s vision is to become the definitive interactive media experience for anyone wanting to learn, grow, and collaborate with others in the Cloud Native community from anywhere in the world. CloudNative.tv was created by the community, for the community and anyone can contribute

The launch includes shows ranging from 101 explainers, to getting started contributing to projects, and  highlighting the unique people that make up CNCF’s community of doers. The schedule for the initial launch shows on CloudNative.tv is:

Monday 7th June:

23:00 CEST/ 17:00 ET
This Week in Cloud Native

Hear the latest news from the cloud native community and discover what’s coming up next in this new hour style show. If you want to be on the cutting edge of cloud native, this is the show for you.

Tuesday 8th June:

18:00 CEST/12:00 ET
100 Days in Cloud Native with Anaïs Urlichs

Join Anaïs as she journeys through the CNCF Landscape. She will provide a beginner’s view of each project, including use cases and advantages. Every show will guide you through the technology of a different project and ways to get started with them. If you find the Cloud Native Landscape overwhelming, this is the show for you.

Wednesday 9th June:

21.00 CEST/15.00 ET
Cloud Native Classroom with Kat Cosgrove

Each show, a CNCF maintainer explains their project to Kat. She takes an elementary approach and drives down to a 101 explanation of what it does and how it works. This is the show for people new to the ecosystem or those wanting to learn about new areas of the Cloud Native Landscape.

Thursday 10th June:

22.00 CEST/16.00 ET
Fields Tested with Kaslin Fields

In each show, Kaslin will give CNCF technologies a Fields’ test by using them in a small-scale project. Along the way, she’ll explore why you might choose those tools for the given use case, or why not. You will learn practical use cases for CNCF projects and how you can get started with them today.

Friday 11th June:

16.00 CEST/10.00 ET
/lgtm with David McKay

A “Contributor 101” show that picks a different CNCF project every week and shows people how they can become a contributor too. David will work with the CNCF project maintainers to provide an interactive walkthrough that demonstrates how to get started contributing to the project.

20.00 CEST/14:00pm ET
Spotlight Live with Dan Pop

Join Dan Pop for a LIVE and interactive interview show every other week. Guests range from CNCF projects and SIGs, to Linux Foundation mainstays. What makes them tick?  How are the projects or groups organized, and what’s in it for the Community? Come to Spotlight Live if you want a behind-the-scenes view when we shine the Spotlight for you!

Monday 14th June:

19.00 CEST/13.00 ET
Solid State with Tim Banks

Tim Banks will interview BIPOC/LGBTQ+/other URMs in tech about their stories and struggles, as well as their careers. These conversations will also reveal how they overcame challenges with the hopes of sharing how we can better support these communities. 

Tuesday 15th June:

20.00 CEST/14.00 ET
Cloud Native LatinX with Leonardo Murillo

Cloud Native LatinX tells the stories of latinxs that have succeeded in the world of cloud native technology and open source. They will talk about their origins and professional trajectory, and focus on being a source of advice and inspiration for all latinxs to realize their potential, rise up in the industry, and support their local communities. Tune in for real-world advice on how to advance your career in the world of cloud native, and demonstrate to the world the power and pride of our latinx community.

Wednesday 16th June:

21.00 CEST/15.00 ET 
CNCFaceOff with Matt Stratton

In a Family Feud-style game show, CNCF projects will face off against each other for the CNCF Cup and internet brownie points. If you want to be on the show, you can sign up here.

Thursday 17th June:

17.00 CEST/11.00 ET
Certs Magic with Saiyam Pathak

For those working towards your CKA or CKAD, Saiyam is here for you! Each show will dive into a topic of Kubernetes to discuss the technical details. Saiyam will take 2-4 questions related to the topic, add them to a repo, solve it live, and explain the solution. No slides, only the Kubernetes Documentation.

All content is created and curated by the community for the community. Each show host is responsible for building out their show, audience, content, and guests. CNCF is excited to work with our show hosts to build a diverse and engaged community around the world. CloudNative.tv was founded by Alison Dowdney, Anaïs Urlichs, Bill Mulligan, David McKay, Kunal Kushwaha, Leonardo Murillo, Matt Stratton, Saiyam Pathak, and Tim Banks. Kat Cosgrove and David McKay are the co-chairs, along with Dan Pop who is also the executive producer. The team will be working to bring you fresh livestreams every week. 

To learn more about becoming a part of CloudNative.tv either as a show host or a guest on a show, check out the repo on GitHub. If you have any questions about the program, please check out the FAQ, reach out to twitch@cncf.io, or follow us on Twitter @CloudNativeTV.