We are excited to announce that we’re now reopening applications to run Kubernetes Community Days around the world with the first ones up being KCD Africa and KCD Bengaluru. Kubernetes Community Days were launched in 2019 but were put on hold during 2020 due to the pandemic. However, the cloud native community is a foundation of doers and always looking for ways to connect with one another. Relaunching the program demonstrates our resilience even in an ever changing world.

Kubernetes Community Days were originally designed as local, community-organized, in person events that gathered adopters and technologists from open source and cloud native communities to learn, collaborate, and network to further the adoption and improvement of the cloud native community and ecosystem. Each event brought its own unique local flair, culture, diversity, and authenticity (and its own logo and t-shirts, of course!). While this diverse core is not going away, some aspects of the program are changing to meet the new demands in the world.

  1. Going virtual! The previous KCD program was limited to in person events only. While in person events are vital for building community, they also decrease the accessibility and reach of our events. Hybrid is the preferred format (when possible), but KCDs can also be in person only and virtual only events too.
  2. Cloud Native Community Groups goes live! We announced CNCGs as the overarching platform to host our community meetups and events. KCDs, including virtual ones, will now be hosted on the platform too. It provides event organizers a powerful place to build their local community.

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation supports every KCD by providing the platform, guidance, and tools, covering all the aspects of holding a successful event. We are excited to work with our community to build a diverse and engaged community around the world. Local event organizers handle their own sponsorships, registration, and all other logistics. 

KCD Africa and KCD Bengaluru tickets are now available. The CfPs for both are also currently open. If you are interested in sponsoring either event please contact, organizers-africa@kubernetescommunitydays.org or organizers-bengaluru@kubernetescommunitydays.org

To learn more about hosting your own KCD check out the website and GitHub. If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to kcd@cncf.io.