As the CNCF community has grown, so too has the desire to have cloud native gatherings all over the world. CNCF Meetup Groups cover topics around cloud native computing and CNCF-hosted projects in groups across the globe. Through the passion of our community and the help of the Cloud Native Ambassador (CNA) program, there are now nearly 200 Meetups across more than 50 countries with over 150,000 members.

Late last year we also launched Kubernetes Community Days, community-organized events that gather adopters and technologists from open source and cloud native communities to learn, collaborate, and network to further the adoption and improvement of Kubernetes.

As physical events have shifted to virtual, we have made the decision to combine these programs to create Cloud Native Community Groups (CNCG) and take advantage of a new platform to make that happen. CNCGs provide an easy way to host a community meetup or cloud native event. These events provide a great way to connect with other community members who are interested in all things cloud native, all over the world.

All CNCG events will now be hosted on a new platform, Bevy. Bevy brings a number of benefits to the community. It will allow us to host events directly under the domain and connect the marketing tools and technologies currently used by CNCF, making it easier to promote CNCG events. It will also allow us to better serve chapter leads through richer communication tools and event analytics.

For all CNCGs, CNCF will offer the following benefits:

We can’t wait to hear what you think about the new platform!

Learn more about Cloud Native Community Groups, apply to create a local chapter, or find a group near you! If you have any questions please join us on the CNCF Slack in the #communitygroups channel.