Today we are very excited to welcome 5 new members to the CNCF Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) to start off the 2021 new year.

The TOC serves an important role in the community by guiding the direction of CNCF and acting as a resource to projects. It is also responsible for defining and maintaining the overall technical vision for CNCF and determining what new projects are accepted.

The TOC is one of CNCF has three main bodies in addition to the Governing Board (GB), which is responsible for marketing, budget and other business oversight decisions for the CNCF, and the End User Community (EUC), which is responsible for providing feedback from companies and startups to improve the overall experience for the cloud native ecosystem. Both the GB and EUC have a part in electing TOC members, and for this election have chosen three and two new members, respectively. 

The new members, appointed by the Governing Board (GB), are: 

  • Erin Boyd, Apple (@erinaboyd) –  Erin is currently an Engineer at Apple. She previously worked at Red Hat in  the Office of the CTO as a Distinguished Engineer. Erin is a Kubernetes contributor and an Apache Ambari committer. Erin is an active contributor to the Kubernetes Storage SIG and is currently the co-chair of the CNCF Storage SIG. Erin’s main focus today is centered around how to enable storage in a stateless, hybrid, multi-cloud environment. 
  • Cornelia Davis, Weaveworks (@cdavisafc) – As the CTO at Weaveworks, Cornelia is responsible for the company’s technology strategy, inclusive of open source and commercial. She cut her teeth in the space of modern application platforms at Pivotal where she helped bring Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Pivotal Container Service (Kubernetes) to market. 
  • Lei Zhang, Alibaba (@resouer) – Lei is a co-maintainer of Kubernetes community, and co-chair of CNCF App Delivery SIG. Lei is co-leading engineering efforts in Alibaba including Kubernetes and large-scale cluster management systems. Before Alibaba, Lei worked for Hyper_ and Microsoft Research (MSR). 

The new members, appointed by the End User Board, are:

  • Dave Zolotusky, Spotify (@dzolotusky) – Dave is a software engineer on Spotify’s Platform team in Stockholm, Sweden. His team builds and maintains the core platform that the rest of Spotify runs on. Before joining Spotify, Dave worked at Amazon Web Services, VMware, and Microsoft.
  • Ricardo Rocha, CERN (@ahcorporto) – Ricardo is a computing engineer at CERN currently part of the CERN cloud team, focusing primarily on networking, containers, and more recently machine learning infrastructure. Previously he helped develop and deploy several components of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid, a network of ~200 collaborating sites around the world helping to analyze the Large Hadron Collider data.

These new members join current TOC members: 

  • Alena Prokharchyk 
  • Justin Cormack 
  • Liz Rice 
  • Michelle Noorali 
  • Saad Ali 
  • Sheng Liang 

We’d also love to extend a big thank you to our outgoing TOC members – Brendan Burns (@brendandburns), Matt Klein (@mattklein123) and Xiang Li (@xiangli0227) – for their years of commitment to safeguarding CNCF’s technical vision and growing this community into a neutral home for the ecosystem’s most promising technologies! 

Learn more about the TOC election process and schedule, and get involved by joining one of the public, bi-monthly meetings!