CNCF is always looking for ways to grow and diversify our amazing #teamcloudnative community and the cloud native ecosystem. 

One of CNCF’s strengths is and has always been our End User Community, currently made up of 140+ top companies and startups that are committed to accelerating the adoption of cloud native technologies and improving the deployment experience. They are the people putting CNCF projects into production and generating vital feedback to improve CNCF projects. Without our End Users, there would be no need to build the software. 

To grow this critical feedback loop for our projects and ecosystem, CNCF is launching an End User Referral Program for both Vendors and existing End User Members. For every new End User Supporter or End User Member that either a Vendor or End User refers, CNCF will donate 5 virtual diversity scholarships in the name of the referring company. 

Diversity is at the heart of the cloud native movement – that together we are stronger, faster, better, and more innovative than alone and apart – making end users more efficient and ultimately adding value for everyone in the community.

Beyond the benefits to the community as a whole, members will see the following referral benefits:  

Benefits for Vendors

Benefits for Existing End Users Members

Benefits for New End Users

Learn more about joining the End User Community here or see the battle card here. To refer a member, or for any questions, reach out to 

A huge thank you to all of our members – we look forward to seeing the community continue to grow and thrive in 2021 and beyond!