The CNCF End User community is a robust, diverse group of over 140 organizations working with the cloud native ecosystem to accelerate the adoption of cloud native technologies and improve the deployment experience.

Successful adoption and implementation of cloud native technologies are really dependent on skilled staff and one of the biggest concerns for organizations as they transition over to new architectures. According to the CNCF’s Cloud Native Survey 2020, 27% of respondents indicated lack of training was one of the biggest challenges in deploying containers.

As a result, CNCF and The Linux Foundation are pleased to announce new training benefits for the CNCF End User Community.

Our End User Supporters will receive five 100% off coupon codes – a value of up to $2,500 – for any eLearning class, certification exam, or eLearning + Certification exam “bundle” in the Training and Certification Catalog. 

Our End User Members will receive a 15-Seat Starter Pack Subscription to eLearning and certification – a $7,500 value. This means that 15 employees will be able to tap into unlimited access to the entire eLearning catalog and one certification exam for one year. 

We will be creating a Member-branded portal on our Learning Management System (LMS) to enable easy self-registration, navigation, and reporting. Members can also purchase additional seats for $500 USD per seat (with a minimum of 10 seats per order).

For easy reference, please take a look at the Linux Foundation eLearning Catalog and Linux Foundation Certification Catalog.

Training and Certification benefits go into effect January 1, 2021, and are good for one year.

Certified kubernetes administrator
Certified kubernetes application developer
Certified kubernetes security specialist