CNCF now has over 730 member organizations and more than 100 open source cloud native projects to drive innovation across industries and geographies

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China Virtual – December 8, 2021 – The Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®), which builds sustainable ecosystems for cloud native software, today announced the addition of 18 new Silver members, non-profit organizations, and end user supporters. New members will join ranks with leading technology innovators and end users to contribute to the creation, diffusion, and adoption of cloud native technologies.  

As the APAC cloud native community comes together following a year hiatus, adoption of cloud native technology has been increasing rapidly in China over the last several years. According to our latest Cloud Native Survey China 2020, 68% of organizations in the country use containers in production, which is a 39% increase over 2019 and a 240% increase from two years ago. This trend is likely to accelerate as Chinese organizations have been progressively deploying containers in test environments. 

“The contributions coming out of Chinese organizations today continue to impress as well as add immense value to the global cloud native community. CNCF now has almost 70 member organizations headquartered in China and now hosts 25 projects that were born in China including Dragonfly, KubeEdge, Longhorn, and TiKV,” said Priyanka Sharma, general manager of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “We are excited to reconvene virtually with our Chinese community and are thrilled to be announcing 21 new members to join our diverse and innovative #TeamCloudNative.” 

These new members will join CNCF for the upcoming KubeCon + CloudNativeCon events, including this week’s KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China 2021 – Virtual l from December 9-10, 2021, and KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022 in Valencia, Spain from May 17-20, 2021.

About the newest Silver Members:

  • Bunnyshell is an Environments as a Service platform to quickly create on-demand or automatic environments for development, staging, and production on Kubernetes clusters
  • Cryptosense is the world’s leading platform for cryptography lifecycle management: by integrating in CI/CD, it finds compliance violations and vulnerabilities in your encryption and key-management, lets your Devs self-serve the fixes, and auto populates an inventory so you’re always ready for tomorrow.
  • eSynergy Solutions is a technology consultancy, delivering business value from cloud computing. Our services revolve around three areas; cloud adoption, cloud native software development and data & analytics.
  • Linklogis aims to redefine and transform supply chain finance through technology and innovation.
  • MyFitnessPal is a smartphone app and website that tracks diet and exercise. 
  • Nuvitek enables Federal agencies to rapidly optimize, transform, and innovate modernization efforts through human-centered business process design and Cloud Native Low Code Engineering. 
  • plusserver is a leading German Multi-Cloud Data Service Provider that offers a comprehensive range of managed cloud services, including hyperscaler clouds and its own safe and sovereign Cloud IP (pluscloud), to grant its customers a smooth and solid digital transformation.
  • Services4-IT supports its’ customers to design and build on-premises or managed Kubernetes clusters and offers services in application operation, infrastructure management, testing and development
  • Stackgenie future-proofs businesses, giving organizations the freedom and capabilities to grow exponentially by implementing innovative cloud technologies. 
  • Velocity increases R&D velocity by allowing developers to create on-demand, fully isolated production-like environments in the same easy way they are creating new Git branches. 
  • Xenit is a growth company providing services within cloud and digital transformation – always with business value and the end users’ freedom in focus.

About the newest Nonprofit Member:

  • SouJava, the Java User’s Society, is a Brazilian Java User Group created to promote Java technologies and Open Source initiatives around the globe, mainly in Latin American countries.

About the newest End User Supporter:

  • 4intelligence is a decision science startup that combines automated machine learning and alternative data to create scalable business intelligence solutions.
  • Lowe’s is a home improvement retailer committed to helping homeowners, renters, and Pros improve their homes and businesses.
  • Morning Consult is a billion-dollar, global enterprise technology company specializing in intelligent data to power leaders’ intelligent decisions.
  • Porsche AG is one of the most profitable sports car manufacturers in the world and, by 2030, plans to have a carbon-neutral footprint across the entire value-added chain and the life cycle of new vehicles sold.
  • Skyline Technology Solutions is a full-service IT integrator, enterprise solutions provider, and product development organization. 
  • Yahoo’s media, technology and business platforms connect hundreds of millions of people around the world to the things they love through a powerful, open platform that connects brands and publishers to passionate fans, we’re all about putting an exclamation point on what you’re into.

With the addition of these new members, there are now over 160 organizations in the CNCF End User Community. This group regularly meets to share adoption best practices and feedback on project roadmaps and future projects for CNCF technical leaders to consider.

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“2021 中国 KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + 开源线上峰会”

喜迎 18 名云原生计算基金会新成员

CNCF 已有 730 个会员单位和 100  个开源云原生项目驱动行业与全球创新

【旧金山卡利夫】中国 KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + 开源线上峰会 – 2021 年 12 月9日 – 云原生计算基金会® (CNCF®)今天,这个创建了云原生软件可持续生态系统的基金会宣布 18 名白银会员、非营利机构、最终用户和支持者将加入基金会。它们将与科技创新排头兵和最终用户并肩创造、传播并采用云原生技术。

继去年峰会取消之后,APAC 云原生社区今年终于欢聚一堂。过去几年,采用云原生技术的中国用户迅猛增长。据最新发布的2020 中国云原生调查 显示,中国 68% 的单位在生产中使用容器,比 2019 年增长 39%,比 2 年前增长 240%。随着中国各机构组织逐渐在测试环境中部署容器,这一增长趋势还会加快脚步。

“当下,中国单位会员所做的贡献为全球云原生社区留下了深刻的印象,同时也为社区创造了巨大的价值。目前,CNCF 有将近 70 个中国单位会员,以及 25 个土生土长的中国项目,包括 Dragonfly、KubeEdge、Longhorn 和 TiKV,”CNCF 总经理朴雅卡·沙玛(Priyanka Sharma)说,“我们非常高兴能和中国社区在线上重聚,也非常激动在此宣布 21 名新成员加入我们多元化创新型 #TeamCloudNative。”

新成员将与 CNCF 一起参加即将举办的 KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 活动,包括 2021 年 12月9-10 日举办的2021 中国 KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + 开源线上峰会 ,以及 2022 年 5月 17-20 日在西班牙巴伦西亚举办的KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022


  • Bunnyshell 以创造工具,帮助客户和合作伙伴发展壮大,更高效地交付更好的软件为使命。
  • Cryptosense 以保证密码便于用户使用为使命,即解决密码使用时的可见性、策略控制和脆弱性分析等问题。
  • eSynergy Solutions 是一家技术咨询公司,用云计算为企业创造价值。服务主要集中在 3 个领域:云采用、云原生软件开发,以及数据和分析法。
  • Linklogis 致力于以科技与创新重新定义供应链金融,实现供应链金融转型。
  • MyFitnessPal 是一个跟踪膳食与运动的手机应用程序和网站。
  • Nüvitek 是一家以客户为中心的工程技术公司,率先使用了新的服务交付模式,实现业务流程转型、云平台服务和工艺自动化。
  • plusserver 是德国领先的多个云数据服务供应商,提供全面的管理云服务。凭借超大规模用户(hyperscaler) 云和自有的安全主权云 IP,pluscloud plusserver 保证客户能够顺利、切实完成数字转型。
  • PROEN 是一个领先的互联网数据中心(IDC)、互联网服务供应商(ISP)、ICT 解决方案和商业电讯供应商。
  • Services4-IT 是一个专家小组,专家成员合作进行应用管理、管理应用服务,近岸外包企业寻求高素质专业人员的需求。
  • Stackgenie 保证企业与时俱进、永不过时,通过实施创新型云技术,赋予企业指数级成长的自主权和能力。
  • Velocity 允许开发者如创建新 Git 分支一样简便地创建随需而动、完全隔离的类生产环境,借此提高研发速度。
  • Xenit 是一家提供云和数字转型服务的成长型企业。敬业的专家激励、说服并引导企业使用云,时时将商业价值和最终用户的自主权牢记心中。


  • Fannie Mae(房利美)是美国领先的按揭贷款资金提供者,保证美国的私房业主、购房者和承租人能够支付得起住房开支。


  • SouJava ,即 Java 用户学会,这家巴西 Java 用户团体创立之初是为了在全球推广 Java 技术和开源倡议,主要分布于拉美国家。


  • 4intelligence 将最先进的自动化机器学习技术与决策理论层层结合,开发产品支持现实生活工作决策,提供可扩展 AI 驱动解决方案解决关键业务问题。
  • DIRECTV 持续优化其产品,以一流的内容、服务和用户体验,为客户提供行业领先的影像产品。
  • Morning Consult 创立之时就有一个坚定的信仰:全球的现代领导者每天都需要更高质量的情报,了解公众对品牌、经济和地缘政治的想法,从而在一个前所未有的变革时代做出明智的决策。
  • DFDS 为欧洲和土耳其提供渡船与物流服务。
  • Porsche AG(保时捷)是全球盈利率最高的跑车制造商之一。公司计划到 2030 年实现整条增值链以及售出新车全生命周期零碳足迹。
  • Skyline Technology Solutions 是一个全服务 IT 整合商、企业解决方案供应商和产品开发机构。
  • Yahoo(雅虎)是一家创造人类激情的全球媒体与技术公司。

随着新成员加入,CNCF 最终用户社区 目前已经拥有 160 多个机构会员。社区定时会面,分享最佳采用实践,为项目路线图和未来项目提供意见建议,供 CNCF 技术领导参考。



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