Chinese online retail giant recognized for contributions to the cloud native end user community

SHANGHAI, China – November 15, 2018 – KubeCon + CloudNativeCon China – The Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®), which sustains and integrates open source technologies like Kubernetes® and Prometheus™, today announced that, China’s largest online and overall retailer, has won the CNCF End User Award in recognition of its contributions to the cloud native ecosystem.

The retail giant relies heavily on innovative technology, including its container-based infrastructure, AI and big-data analytics to revolutionize e-commerce. At a time when the Chinese cloud native market is experiencing growth like never before,’s work within the community as an end user boosts the region’s demand for open, born-in-the-cloud technologies.

“As one of the largest Chinese adopters of and contributors to CNCF projects, we’re thrilled to present this award to,” said Chris Aniszczyk, COO of Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “The company spearheads the use of cloud native technologies at scale within the APAC market, and serves as an excellent example of how CNCF end user contributions significantly benefit the greater ecosystem.”

As one of China’s largest companies and the first Chinese Internet company to make the Global Fortune 500 list, runs one of the world’s largest Kubernetes clusters in production. In a move called JDOS 2.0, the company shifted its OpenStack-based containerized infrastructure to Kubernetes to accommodate its clusters. JD currently manages tens of thousands of bare metal servers to run numerous containers including online applications, middleware systems, databases, and offline computing jobs. The company serves as the largest end user of Vitess, and is a significant contributor to the Prometheus, Vitess, and Kubernetes projects. It also has plans to release its own internal and homegrown projects.

“We’re honored to receive this recognition for our contributions to the CNCF end user community,” said Haifeng Liu, chief architect of “Our commitment to open source technologies is very much in line with our broader Retail as Service strategy, in which we are empowering our partners, suppliers, and other industries with our own capabilities and resources. We’ve benefitted significantly from partnering with the CNCF, and look forward to continuing to deepen our commitment to existing CNCF projects and contributing our own to the ecosystem.” is one of more than 65 organizations in the CNCF End User Community, which meets regularly to share adoption best practices and feedback on project roadmaps and future projects for CNCF technical leaders to consider.

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云原生计算基金会(CNCF)宣布 京东为终端用户奖赢家


中国上海 – 2018 年11月15日 – KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 中国论坛 – 支持并集成 Kubernetes® 和 Prometheus™ 等开源技术的 云原生计算基金会®(CNCF®)今天宣布,中国最大的在线与总体零售商 京东 在云原生生态系的贡献受到肯定,并成为CNCF终端用户奖的最大赢家。


“我们十分高兴能够将这个奖项颁给京东这个身为中国境内CNCF项目的最大用户和贡献者,”云原生计算基金会(CNCF)的首席营运官,克里斯阿奇克(Chris Aniszczyk)说道:”在亚太市场中大量使用云原生科技的公司里,京东名列前茅,也成为CNCF终端用户和贡献者如何受益整个生态系统的最佳典范。”

身为中国的大型企业之一以及第一个加入世界财富500强的网络公司,京东的生产线正运行着世界第一大的Kubernetes群集。为了因应公司的群集,京东在JDOS 2.0的行动里,将公司原为OpenStack的容器架构转换为Kubernetes容器架构。京东目前管理了成千上万个裸金属服务器,以确保无数个容器的运行,其中包括在线应用程序、中间件、数据库、以及离线计算任务。该公司是Vitess的最大终端用户,同时也是Prometheus、Vitess和Kubernetes的有力贡献者之一。在发表自家内部发展的项目上也极具潜力。

“我们十分荣幸我们在CNCF终端用户群里的贡献能够受到认可。” 刘海锋(Haifeng Liu)首席架构师、技术副总裁。”我们对开源技术的承诺就如同我们对于’零售即服务’策略一般地忠心耿耿,我们将使用这两项措施,在我们能力和资源可及的范围内,强化我们的合作伙伴、供应商、以及其他产业。我们在和CNCF的合作上受益了不少,也期待可以在现存的CNCF项目中更加深入地合作并将我们贡献给生态系。”

京东为 CNCF终端用户社区 名单中65个组织里的一员。终端用户社区名单中的成员们固定参加定期会面,发表及分享科技的最佳应用、提供项目结构图的回馈,以及未来项目的计划以供CNCF科技领导们参考。



云原生计算使用开源软件堆栈将应用程序部署为微服务,将每个部分打包到自己的容器中,并动态编排这些容器以优化资源利用率。云原生计算基金会 (CNCF) 托管云原生软件堆栈的关键组件,包括 Kubernetes和Prometheus。CNCF作为协作的中立场所,汇集了业界顶级开发商、最终用户和供应商–包括全球最大的公共云和企业版软件公司,以及数十家创新创业公司。CNCF是非营利组织 Linux Foundation的一部分。有关CNCF的更多信息,请访问


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