Foundation welcomes 19 new members from LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen to accelerate cloud native adoption across China

BEIJING, China – June 25, 2018 – LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen – The Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®), which sustains and integrates open source technologies like Kubernetes® and Prometheus™, today announced that 19 new members have joined the Foundation.

These new community members not only demonstrate growing support for CNCF worldwide, but a particularly strong surge of growth in the Chinese market – as China is embracing cloud native and open source technologies at a rapid rate. In fact, according to IDC, China will be fifth in the world in public cloud spending by the end of 2018 at $5.4 billion.

In a recent survey conducted by CNCF, adoption of CNCF projects is growing quickly in China. Kubernetes remains the first choice for managing containers with 35 percent of respondents using the platform, while other CNCF projects – including OpenTracing, Prometheus, and gRPC – are also regularly being used in production. As a response to this growing interest, CNCF will host its first KubeCon + CloudNativeCon China in Shanghai from November 13-15.

“CNCF is thrilled to welcome 19 new members and supporters, led by a particularly strong showing of new commitment from the Chinese market,” said Dan Kohn, Executive Director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “As our membership base continues to diversify, the cloud native ecosystem will benefit from resources and contributions from users across the globe.”

About the newest Silver Members:

  • Agile Stacks is a DevOps platform that provides automation for cloud infrastructure, applications, and security. With Agile Stacks, users can build a stack from auto-generated infrastructure as code scripts, significantly reducing the effort to integrate cloud infrastructure services and DevOps tools into the stack.
  • Camptocamp focuses on the software implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), business management (ERP), and IT infrastructure management to implement ambitious projects.
  • China Mobile Research Institute is the direct R&D unit of the China Mobile Group and is committed to becoming the company’s authoritative strategic think tank. Through technical industry leadership, CMRI supports the current network operations, develops new products, and has strong industry and international influence.
  • CircleCI is a continuous integration and continuous delivery platform that helps teams work smarter, faster.
  • Cloudbase Solutions is a privately held company committed to cloud computing and interoperability, with offices in Romania (Timisoara, Bucharest, and Iasi) and one soon in the U.S.
  • Datica is a security and compliance layer for Kubernetes – designed for those who store, manage, and share protected health information (PHI) in the cloud, the Datica Platform manages all ongoing compliance and security burdens found within the exacting standards of HIPAA, HITRUST, GDPR, and GxP.
  • DefineSys, based in Shanghai, is an enterprise-level cloud computing service leader.
  • eBaoTech’s mission is “make insurance easy” – pioneering the 3G insurance tech, or Java based core insurance system, eBaoTech is moving to the 4G insurance technology which is cloud native and microservices based.
  • Edgewise is the industry’s first Zero Trust platform for hybrid cloud security – stopping attackers’ lateral movements and protecting workloads by allowing only verified applications, users, containers, and hosts to communicate.
  • Elastisys provides products and services in the realm of Kubernetes and automation – enabling intelligent autopiloting for IT operations, increased performance, and availability of applications, all based on world renowned cloud research.
  • Octarine delivers total visibility, easy policy management, and strong app security with seamless integration with systems such as Kubernetes, Istio, and Kafka to reduce security threats, obtain compliance, and achieve simple, secure multi/hybrid-cloud.
  • Ping An Technology– the technology incubator for Ping An Group, with strong research and development capabilities in cloud, artificial intelligence, and big data technologies – is headquartered in Shenzhen and has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Nanjing.
  • QingYuan Technology is committed to enterprise containerized platform as service through delivering sophisticated containerized solutions across industry and government scenarios, with capabilities of orchestration, monitor, DevOps, and microservices governance, to empower IT revolution within the cloud native ecosystem.
  • Rackspace is a leading provider of IT as a service in today’s multi-cloud world – delivering expert advice and integrated managed services across applications, data, security, and infrastructure, including public and private clouds and managed hosting.
  • Safewrd aims to enable and train companies to use open source and cloud technologies to release new software faster.
  • SAKURA Internet is a Japan-based servers and internet service provider that operates robust and secure data centers.
  • Samsung Research America is the premier research and development center for Samsung products and services – strengthening open innovation by leveraging key relationships with start-ups and academic institutions, and optimizing R&D performance via collaborations and agile processes.

About the newest End-User Members & Supporters:

  • Ads on Top runs a DOOH ad delivery system connected to various demand sources, built on cloud native technologies like Kubernetes, to open up the floodgates of programmatic buying.
  • DiDi is the world’s leading one-stop mobile transportation platform, offering a full range of app-based mobility options for over 450 million users.

Ads on Top and DiDi join other end user companies including Box, Capital One, eBay, GitHub, Goldman Sachs, NCSOFT, The New York Times, Ticketmaster, Twitter, Vevo, and Zalando in CNCF’s End User Community. This group meets monthly and advises the CNCF Governing Board and Technical Oversight Committee on key challenges, emerging use cases and areas of opportunity and new growth for cloud native technologies.

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Cloud native computing uses an open source software stack to deploy applications as microservices, packaging each part into its own container, and dynamically orchestrating those containers to optimize resource utilization. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) hosts critical components of cloud native software stacks, including Kubernetes and Prometheus. CNCF serves as the neutral home for collaboration and brings together the industry’s top developers, end users and vendors – including the world’s largest public cloud and enterprise software companies as well as dozens of innovative startups. CNCF is part of The Linux Foundation, a nonprofit organization. For more information about CNCF, please visit

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基金会欢迎来自LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen 19位新成员,以促进云原生在中国的应用

中国北京– 2018625– LinuxCon + ContainerCon + CloudOpen – 维持并整合Kubernetes®和Prometheus™等开源技术的云原生计算基金会®(CNCF®)今天宣布,19 名新成员已正式加入基金会。

这些新的社区成员不仅在全球范围内展示了对CNCF的支持,而且表明中国市场的增长十分强劲。中国正在以极快的速度采用云原生和开源技术。事实上,根据IDC的数据,到2018 年底,中国的公共云支出将在全球排名第五,达到54 亿美元。

CNCF 近期的一项调查显示,在中国,采用CNCF项目的企业正在迅速增长。在使用该平台的受访者中,Kubernetes仍然是企业管理容器的首选,占35%,而其他CNCF项目,包括OpenTracing,Prometheus 和gRPC,也经常用于生产。为了应对这种日益增长的兴趣,CNCF将于11月13日至15日在上海举办首个KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 中国论坛

云原生计算基金会执行总监Dan Kohn表示:“CNCF非常高兴地欢迎19位新成员和支持者的加入,这显示了中国市场强劲的增长势头。随着成员构成的不断多元化,云原生生态系统将受益于全球用户的资源和贡献”。


  • Agile Stacks是一个DevOps 平台,可为云基础架构、应用程序和安全性提供自动化服务。通过敏捷栈,用户可以将自动生成的基础架构作为代码脚本构建堆栈,从而大大减少将云基础架构服务和DevOps工具集成到堆栈中的工作量。
  • Camptocamp专注于通过地理信息系统(GIS)、商业管理(ERP) 和IT基础架构管理以实施雄心勃勃的项目。
  • 中国移动研究院是中国移动集团的直属研发单位,致力于成为公司权威的战略智库。通过技术行业的领导,CMRI支持当前的网络运营,开发新产品,并具有强大的行业和国际影响力。
  • CircleCI是一个持续集成和持续交付平台,可帮助团队更智能,更快速地工作。
  • Cloudbase 解决方案是一家致力于云计算和互操作性的私人公司,在罗马尼亚(蒂米什瓦拉、布加勒斯特和雅西)设有办事处,不久将又在美国设立办事处。
  • Datica是Kubernetes的安全和合规性层,专为在云中存储、管理和共享受保护健康信息(PHI)的用户而设计,Datica 平台管理所有不断发展的合规性,以及在HIPAA、HITRUST、GDPR,和GxP的严格标准中发现的安全负担。
  • DefineSys位于上海,是企业级云计算服务的领导者。
  • eBaoTech的使命是“让保险变得轻松”——率先推出3G保险技术或基于Java 的核心保险系统,eBaoTech正在转向4G 保险技术,该技术基于云原生和微服务。
  • Edgewise是业界首个用于混合云安全的零信任平台——仅通过允许经验证应用程序、用户、容器和主机之间的通信,可阻止攻击者的横向移动,并避免工作负载。
  • Elastisys提供Kubernetes和自动化领域的产品和服务——基于全球知名的云研究,为IT运营实现智能自动驾驶服务、提高性能和应用程序的可用性。
  • Octarine通过与Kubernetes、Istio和Kafka等系统的无缝集成,提供全面可视的、方便的策略管理,以及强大的应用安全性,以减少安全威胁,符合合规性,并实现简单、安全的多云/混合云。
  • 平安科技——是平安集团的技术孵化器,在云、人工智能和大数据技术领域拥有强大的研发能力——总部位于深圳,在北京、上海、成都和南京设有分支机构。
  • 青元科技致力于通过在行业和政府方案中提供复杂的集装箱解决方案,为企业提供集装箱化平台服务,该平台具备编排、监控、DevOps 和微服务管理等功能,用于在云原生生态系统中增强IT 革新。
  • Rackspace是当今多云领域IT服务的领先供应商,跨应用程序、数据、安全和基础架构(包括公共和私有领域)提供专家建议以及集成托管服务,包括公共云、私有云和托管主机。
  • Safewrd旨在帮助企业使用开源和云技术,帮助更快地发布新软件。
  • SAKURA互联网是一家日本服务器和互联网服务供应商,运营稳健和安全的数据中心。
  • Samsung Research America(三星美国研究中心)是三星产品和服务的主要研发中心,通过利用与初创企业和学术机构的关键关系加强开放式创新,并通过合作和敏捷流程优化研究与开发绩效。


  • Ads on Top运行了一个DOOH广告投放系统,该系统可连接到各种需求源,并基于云原生技术(如Kubernetes)构建系统,以打开程序化购买的闸门。
  • DiDi是全球领先的一站式移动交通平台,为超过5 亿用户提供全面的、基于应用的交通选择。

Ads on Top和DiDi在CNCF终端用户社区中加入了包括Box、Capital One、eBay、GitHub、Goldman Sachs、NCSOFT、纽约时报、Ticketmaster、Twitter、Vevo和Zalando在内的其他公司。该群体每月召开一次会议,并针对云原生技术的关键挑战、新兴用例和机会以及新增长等问题向CNCF理事会和技术监督委员会提供咨询。



云原生计算使用开源软件堆栈将应用程序部署为微服务,将每个部分打包到自己的容器中,并动态编排这些容器以优化资源利用率。云原生计算基金会(CNCF)托管云原生软件堆栈的关键组件,包括Kubernetes和Prometheus。CNCF作为协作的中立场所,汇集了业界顶级开发商、最终用户和供应商——包括全球最大的公共云和企业版软件公司,以及数十家创新创业公司。CNCF是非营利组织Linux基金会的一部分。有关CNCF的更多信息,请访问 .

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