Cloud- and container-optimized companies align with CNCF as it gears up for OpenStack Summit Boston

BOSTON – OpenStack Summit – May 8, 2017 – The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), which is sustaining and integrating open source technologies to orchestrate containers as part of a microservices architecture, today announced that Tencent Cloud joined the Foundation as a Gold Member, Mashape has joined as a Silver Member, and Vevo and Zalando Technology have joined as End-User Supporters to further the adoption of high-velocity cloud infrastructure projects.

“The incredible rate at which companies are turning to container technologies to achieve cloud portability is a testament to the excitement and trust building around open source technologies,” said Dan Kohn, Executive Director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “This robust activity and adoption is fueling an entirely new market that places our members in the lead. CNCF is thrilled to welcome today’s new members and gain guidance from innumerable end users and cloud native ambassadors. It validates the value CNCF offers as a neutral home for advancing industry-proven best practices and the overall cloud native ecosystem.”

CNCF is hosting a Kubernetes Day on May 9, from 8 AM – 5 PM, as part of OpenStack’s Open Source Days. CNCF will also have a booth (C20), and Kohn will present “Migrating Legacy Monoliths to Cloud Native Microservices Architectures on Kubernetes” at 4:10 PM, Thursday, May 11 in MR 210.

About the newest gold member:

Tencent Cloud, based in Shen Zhen, is a one-stop service for enterprises seeking to adopt public, hybrid and private cloud, along with cloud-based financial services – providing integrated cloud services such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. It offers cutting-edge web technologies such as Cloud Image, facial recognition, big data analytics, machine learning, audio/video technology and security protection.

“Container technologies help spark new ideas and have a widespread impact on cloud computing,” said Huixing Wang, Vice President of Tencent Cloud. “In China, Tencent Cloud’s container technologies have helped a number of internet and traditional enterprises quickly build cloud native applications – making their systems componentized and compatible with microservices – to enable continuous integration and delivery (CI/ CD). Being the largest public cloud enterprise in China to provide a Kubernetes-based container platform, Tencent Cloud is proud to join the CNCF community as a Gold Member. We aim to become a new force in the community for promoting the development of cloud native applications and contributing to CNCF projects.”

About the newest silver member:

Mashape, based in San Francisco, is the creator of Kong. With nearly 10,000 stars on Github and more than 2.5 million downloads, Kong is the most popular open-source API gateway and microservices management layer. Built on top of NGINX, a high-performance web server, Kong is designed to sit in front of highly performant APIs and microservices to protect, extend and orchestrate distributed systems.

“As we look forward to how best to deploy agnostic, API-centric cloud solutions for our customers, joining CNCF was a natural choice,” said Augusto Marietti, CEO of Mashape. “We are committed to sharing our experiences and knowledge with open source, like-minded developers and organizations – so, as Kong developers continue to embrace Microservice APIs and cloud container technologies, we’re excited to contribute to and nurture CNCF’s efforts.”

About the newest end-user supporters:

Vevo is the world’s leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform with more than 23 billion monthly views globally. Vevo delivers a personalized and expertly curated experience for audiences to explore and discover music videos, exclusive original programming and live performances from the artists they love on mobile, web and connected TV.

“The implementation of Kubernetes at Vevo has created a platform on which services can be quickly deployed and easily managed with limited customization, all while running with resiliency and following community-agreed standards,” said Jestin Woods, Senior Software Engineer at Vevo. “Kubernetes’ strong integration with other cloud native technologies, such as containerd and Fluentd, has allowed us to focus less on developing solutions to common distributed systems challenges, and more on our users and creating services that align will a well-structured and designed approach to running distributed systems.”

Zalando is Europe’s leading online fashion platform, with 20 million active customers in 15 countries. Its team has built most of the Zalando fashion platform in-house, using open source and cutting-edge technologies such as Java, Scala, Go, Cassandra, Clojure and React.js. Zalando works in small, agile, autonomous teams and follows deep learning principles that enable the company to produce personalized shopping experiences.

“As a leader in ecommerce, Zalando operates with an API-first approach – fostering open, cloud-based collaboration – to revolutionize how people connect with fashion,” said Eric Bowman, VP of Engineering at Zalando. “Using microservices, our teams have mitigated complexity, while building fast-paced systems in parallel and moving the technology stack forward. To serve our global customer base, we rely on dynamic cloud native applications – making CNCF a great place for Zalando to continue innovating open source tools and contribute end user insight.”

As end user supporters, Vevo and Zalando have joined other end user companies like AT&T, Box, Capital One, eBay, Goldman Sachs, NCSOFT, Ticketmaster and Twitter on the End User Technical Advisory Board (TAB). Meeting monthly, the board reviews topics of concern to end users, their current and future cloud native work, key challenges and top use cases – promoting cloud native market adoption and advising the Governing Board on how these companies are using cloud native technologies. As the annual investment is minimal, all those interested in becoming end user supporters should visit:

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