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werf 2.0 with Nelm, and what it brings to the cloud native community

Posted on June 5, 2024

Member post originally published on the Palark blog by Dmitry Shurupov, editor-in-chief, Palark In the recent werf v2.0 release, the CI/CD solution has unveiled a new deployment engine called Nelm. It has replaced Helm while retaining backward compatibility and introducing new prominent features….

How we combined OpenTelemetry traces with Prometheus metrics to build a powerful alerting mechanism

Posted on July 20, 2023 | By Ran Nozik

Member post originally published on the Helios blog by Ran Nozik Leveraging open source projects and creative thinking helped us deliver trace-based alerts to our customers swiftly and efficiently. One of the qualities of engineering team excellence is…

Why Embrace created span snapshots for mobile observability with OpenTelemetry

Posted on June 14, 2024

Member post by Fredric Newberg, CTO and Co-Founder of Embrace OTel spans are very powerful for gaining an understanding of the performance of mobile applications. However, given the restriction placed on spans in the OTel specification that spans…

Unveiling the 10-Year Kubernetes anniversary logo

Posted on June 6, 2024

Congratulations to Cristher Castro and the Cuemby for designing the winning logo As we celebrate the anniversary of the first Kubernetes commit, we’re thrilled to announce the Kubernetes 10th Anniversary Logo Design Contest winner and unveil the winning…

Happy 7th Birthday, Istio!

Posted on May 24, 2024

Project post originally published on the Istio blog by Lin Sun,, for the Istio Steering Committee Celebrating Istio’s momentum and exciting future. On this day in 2017, Google and IBM announced the launch of the Istio service mesh….

Cloud Native Glossary — the Russian version is live!

Posted on May 20, 2024 | By Kirill Kononovich, Dmitry Shurupov, Timur Tukaev

Community post by Kirill Kononovich, Dmitry Shurupov, Timur Tukaev The Cloud Native Glossary is a project led by the CNCF Business Value Subcommittee. Its goal is to explain cloud native concepts in clear and simple language without requiring…

Fivefold slower compared to Go? Optimizing Rust’s protobuf decoding performance

Posted on May 9, 2024

Member post originally published on the Greptime blog by Lei When optimizing the write performance of GreptimeDB v0.7, we found that the time spent on parsing Protobuf data with the Prometheus protocol was nearly five times longer than…

Accelerating Machine Learning with GPUs in Kubernetes using the NVIDIA Device Plugin

Posted on April 30, 2024

Member post originally published on the SuperOrbital blog by Keegan McCallum NVIDIA Device Plugin for Kubernetes plays a crucial role in enabling organizations to harness the power of GPUs for accelerating machine learning workloads. Introduction Generative AI is…

A recap: KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024

Posted on April 23, 2024 | By Ryan Gough + Majid Attar

Community post originally published on Medium by Ryan Gough and Majid Attar This year, we (JYSK tech) took to Paris to attend KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024. After three days of talks, networking and workshops. We put together…

Decoding your daily typing habits with GreptimeDB and Streamlit

Posted on April 23, 2024

Member post originally published on Greptime’s blog by Tison Nowadays, typing is a nearly daily occurrence for most people. Interestingly, your typing habits may vary significantly from what you might assume. Below, you’ll find a dashboard that provides…