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Solving data-locality transparently using Vitess Geo-Sharding

CNCF Project Webinar
Presented by: PlanetScale

Recorded: Monday November 11, 2019

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Webinar Speakers: Jiten Vaidya, CEO and Co-Founder @PlanetScale

As governments pass data-locality laws, jurisdiction-aware database clusters are becoming important. Often, supporting data-locality means re-architecting the applications and taking a hit on new feature delivery. Also, migrating existing databases into databases resident in multiple locations becomes an operational challenge.

Vitess has a flexible sharding architecture and natively supports “cells” which correspond to infrastructure located in multiple locations. This allows for the creation of jurisdiction-aware database clusters that solve data locality without having to re-architect your application. Also, Vitess’s built-in support for resharding workflows makes migrating from existing databases into databases resident in multiple locations easy.

In this Webinar, we will write a custom sharding schema that illustrates distributing data from 16 countries housed in 4 jurisdictions without making any changes to the application.



Jiten Vaidya, CEO and Co-Founder @PlanetScale

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