Prometheus Certified Associate (PCA)

The Prometheus Certified Associate (PCA) exam demonstrates an engineer’s foundational knowledge of observability and skills using Prometheus, the open source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit.

The PCA is a pre-professional certification designed for an engineer or application developer with special interests in observability and monitoring. Ideal candidates may have achieved Kubernetes certifications such as KCNA, CKA, or CKAD or have completed Prometheus-specific training or Cloud Engineer bootcamps.

A certified PCA will confirm foundational knowledge for building or scraping observability data in the application stack whether or not it is cloud native. The PCA exam is intended to prepare candidates to work with the fundamentals of data monitoring, metrics, alerts, and dashboards using Prometheus.

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The PCA demonstrates a candidate’s understanding of best practices for monitoring cloud native applications and infrastructure using Prometheus. A PCA digital credential ensures the candidate understands how to use observability data to improve application performance, troubleshoot system implementations, and feed that data into other systems.

Cost $250 | Online Exam

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Exam details

This exam is an online, proctored, multiple-choice exam.

Observability Concepts18%
Prometheus Fundamentals20%
Instrumentation and Exporters16%
Alerting & Dashboarding18%

The cost is $250 and includes one free retake. For questions on the exam, please reach out.

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