GitOps Certified Associate (CGOA)

The GitOps Certified Associate (CGOA) certification is for DevOps engineers and team members, platform and software engineers, CI/CD practitioners and other team members who would build IDPs with GitOps built into them.

The CGOA exam allows candidates to demonstrate their understanding of GitOps principles, terminology, and best practices in setting up a GitOps managed software system in addition to related practices such as Configuration as Code, Infrastructure as Code, DevOps & DevSecOps, and CI & CD and how to map them to GitOps.

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Cost $250 | Online Exam

GitOps Certified Associate

Exam details

This exam is an online, proctored, multiple-choice exam.

GitOps Terminology20%
GitOps Principles30%
Related Practices16%
GitOps Patterns20%

The cost is $250 and includes one free retake. For questions on the exam, please reach out.

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