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The CNF (Cloud native Network Function) Testbed, an open source initiative from CNCF, provides reference code and test cases for running the same networking code packaged as containers (Cloud native Network Functions or CNFs) on Kubernetes and as virtual machines (Virtual Network Functions or VNFs) on OpenStack.

The complete software and installation scripts for both scenarios are hosted on GitHub and available under an Apache 2.0 license. The CNF Testbed implements the two scenarios using identical on-demand hardware from the bare metal hosting company Equinix Metal, and encourages others to replicate the results and propose improvements as pull requests.

The CNF Testbed is an initiative to create a repeatable, apples-to-apples testbed that telecom operators and vendors can use to evaluate how CNF architectures compare to more traditional VNF ones.

The initiative collaborates with the CNCF Telecom User Group to test and demonstrate different scenarios.