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Hello, Shanghai!

It took a few years longer than we'd hoped, but it was fantastic to finally bring our China community together in Shanghai for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China 2023. And it was important to us that we could make this happen, because China is a key player in the cloud native ecosystem.

China contributes more to CNCF projects than any other country apart from the USA - accounting for an incredible 9% of all contributions since the CNCF was founded in 2015. In fact, this year 12% of cloud native open source contributions to the CNCF came from China-based maintainers and organizations. Plus, 32 CNCF projects originated in China, including graduated projects like Harbor and TiKV.

For me personally, it was an opportunity to reconnect in person with maintainers and contributors who are shaping the future of cloud native technology. It was inspiring to learn about cloud native at China scale, and how the initiatives you are driving are changing the way that software is built - from powering AI workloads and accelerating AI applications, to large-scale, financial-grade engineering practices.

There is much to unpack from this insightful event, and I've enjoyed looking back as we put this transparency report together for you. I hope you find this information valuable.

Chris Aniszczyk

Chris Aniszczyk

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China
at a glance

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Dan Kohn Scholarship Fund
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Shanghai Photo Highlights

Photos from Kubecon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China 2023
Photos from Kubecon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China 2023
Photos from Kubecon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China 2023
Photos from Kubecon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China 2023
Photos from Kubecon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China 2023
Photos from Kubecon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China 2023
Photos from Kubecon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China 2023
Photos from Kubecon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China 2023
Photos from Kubecon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China 2023



It was fantastic to bring our China community together in person, with more than 1900 people joining us in Shanghai, and a further 139 logging in online to view the Keynote Livestream.


Total Registered attendees 1910, 84% in person, 61% first timers.

Attendee Geography

Map of attendee geography, 89% of attendees were from China.

Top Three Job Functions





DevOps / SRE / SysAdmin

Attendee Job Function Total
Architect 345
Business Operations 84
Developer 607
- Data Scientist 31
- Full Stack Developer 185
- Machine Learning Specialist 25
- Web Developer 7
- Mobile Developer 42
DevOps / SRE / SysAdmin 258
Executive 149
IT Operations 46
- DevOps 9
- Systems Admin 6
- Site Reliability Engineer 2
- Quality Assurance Engineer 2
Sales / Marketing 80
Media / Analyst 60
Student 69
Product Manager 93
Professor / Academic 31
Other 88
Attendee Industry Total
Automotive 85
Consumer Goods 31
Energy 23
Financials 104
Health Care 26
Industrials 46
Information Technology 1,338
Materials 9
Non-Profit Organization 64
Professional Services 110
Telecommunications 74

Year Over Year registration

Chart showing year over year attendee growth
Ticket Type 2018 2019 2021 2023
Total 2,500 3,500 7,160 1,910
All Access Attendee 63% 46% 78% 54%
All Access VIP 5% 5% N/A 3%
All Access Individual or Academic 5% 8% N/A 10%
Speaker 8% 9% 2% 13%
Sponsor 3% 22% 5% 11%
Media 10% 2% >1% 2%
Virtual Keynote N/A N/A 17% 7%



With 115 sessions, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China featured a diverse line-up of topics ranging from introductory sessions through technical deep-dives. Talks are available now on our YouTube playlist.

Content Total In-person Virtual
CFP submissions 589
CFP acceptance rate 14%
Keynotes (includes sponsored keynotes) 13 13
Breakouts 85 85 0
Maintainer Track sessions 30 26 4
Total sessions (Breakout + Maintainer) 115 111 4

Thank you to our KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China 2023 co-chairs

Fog Dong

Fog Dong Senior Engineer

Kevin Wang

Kevin WangLead of Cloud Native Open Source

Our KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China 2023 co-chairs

Content Breakdown

The schedule was curated by conference co-chairs Fog Dong, Senior Engineer, BentoML; and Kevin Wang, Lead of Cloud Native Open Source, Huawei; who led a program committee of 69 experts, including project maintainers and CNCF Ambassadors.

Talks are selected by the program committee through a rigorous, non-bias process, where they are randomly assigned submissions to review within their area of expertise. You can read the details in our CFP scoring guidelines and specifically about the selection process.

For KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China, 589 submissions were received. Of those, we were able to accept 115 talks with 206 total speakers - an acceptance rate of 14%.

Key stats

End User
End User
Sched.com Session Rating Out of 10

Captioning Usage Data

200 Hours using captioning
214 Attendees using
in-room captioning
356 Hours using in-room AI
Captioning on mobile
2 Languages captioned:
English & Chinese

Speaker Diversity

CNCF enforces guidelines on gender and diversity equality among our speakers, including not accepting all-male panels.

Speaker Diversity Overall Percent
Women + gender non-conforming (keynotes) 5 35%
Men (keynotes) 9 65%
Women + gender non-conforming (breakouts) 40 21%
Men (breakouts) 153 79%

Dan Kohn Scholarship Fund

The Dan Kohn Scholarship Fund provided opportunities to 86 applicants, including diversity, needs-based, maintainers, and speakers, to attend in person.

Travel Funding






Apply for a scholarship to join us at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024.



Co-located with KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China on September 26, CNCF hosted IstioCon - an event dedicated to the leading service mesh in the industry, offering a platform to explore insights drawn from real-world Istio deployments, interactive hands-on activities, and opportunities to connect with maintainers spanning the entire Istio ecosystem.

Alongside, sponsors hosted four co-located events:

  • Cloud Native Open Day, hosted by Alibaba Cloud
  • GOSIM: Global Open Source Innovation Meetup
  • ONE Summit Regional Day, hosted by LF Networking and LF Edge
  • OpenJS World, hosted by the OpenJS Foundation

Key Stats



hosted Co-Los

Diversity + Equity + Inclusion


CNCF strives to ensure that everyone who participates in KubeCon + CloudNativeCon feels welcome, regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, age, religion, or economic status.

Our commitment to cultivating a friendly, welcoming, and inclusive environment extends to the facilities and resources we provide at events. In Shanghai, these included:

Mute icon
Quiet Rooms
Mixed gender icon
All Gender Restrooms
Pacifier icon
Baby Care &
Nursing Rooms
Sticky note icon
Pronoun &
Communication Stickers
Toy blocks icon
Onsite Child Care
Closed caption icon
Captioning available
for keynote and
breakout sessions

As part of our deep commitment to diversity, equity and inclusivity, we also hosted EmpowerUs - a networking break for attendees who identify as women, non-binary individuals, or allies, to have open discussions with fellow attendees about challenges, leadership innovation, and empowerment in our fast-growing ecosystem.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity Events and Mentoring Total
Attendees - identifies as a person of color 1,077
Attendees - age 0-19 112
Travel funding scholarships 27
Registration scholarships 39
Speaker scholarships 20
EmpowerUs participants 15

Gold CHAOSS D&I Event Badge

Gold CHAOSS D&I Event Badge

Awarded to events in the open source community that foster healthy D&I practices.

Our Next Kubecon + CloudNativeCon

Media & Analyst


Key Stats

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media & industry analysts
in attendance
25 media attended from leading Chinese technology publications; 4 English-speaking media and analysts attended from outside China, representing organizations including InfoQ, Gartner, and The Register
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Mentions of
the event
Kubecon + Cloudnativecon + Open Source Summit was mentioned in English-language media articles, press releases, and blogs
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Event Session
YouTube Views
As of December 7, event session videos have garnered more than 6,300 views

Media + Analyst Results

mentions of CNCF in media articles, press releases, and blogs
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mentions of Kubernetes in media articles, press releases, and blogs
KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Logo
mentions of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in media articles, press releases, and blogs

Chinese Coverage Snapshot

CSDN, this event's marketing promotion and PR partner, provided the following Chinese Coverage Snapshot:

  • Published a total of 22 posts related to the conference topic
  • Reached more than 60 communities
  • Produced 26 Weibo
  • Received more than 900,000 views across CSDN accounts
  • Received more than 1,145,000 across external media websites

Coverage Highlights

Industry Analyst Coverage Highlights

Gartner Logo
Forrester Logo



KubeCon + CloudNativeCon + Open Source Summit China would not be possible without the support of our wonderful sponsors. And attendees agree, 81% visited the solutions showcase during the event.

Overall Event Rating

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#1 For career growth,
advancement, or training
Networking icon
#2 For networking + meeting
others in the industry
Showcase icon
81% of attendees visited
the sponsor showcase
Booth Traffic Total
Onsite leads total 4,595
Onsite leads average/booth 287
YOY SPONSORSHIP   2018   2019   2021 Virtual 2023  
Strategic N/A 1 1 1
Double Diamond N/A 1 N/A N/A
Diamond 4 2 2 2
Platinum 8 2 0 0
Gold 1 10 3 1
Silver 12 14 3 10
Start-up 13 12 5 3
End User N/A 0 0 0
Marketing Opportunities 4 12 2 1
Total Unique 38 42 14 18

Strategic Sponsor

Diamond Sponsors

Thank You

We hope you enjoyed reflecting on a great event in Shanghai - let's do it again in Paris!

Your comments and feedback are welcome at events@cncf.io

Check out our calendar for community events near you and don't forget to register for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe in Paris, 19 - 22 March, 2024.