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Krustlet is at the Sandbox project maturity level.

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📢 Today's virtual project office hour will start in 5 minutes! Tune in to catch @bacongobbler and ask your Krustlet related questions!

Join us here:

Not in-person at #KubeCon? Join us for our virtual office hour today at 2:30 PM PT with maintainer @bacongobbler as he shares the latest with Krustlet! RSVP here:

🎊 Marking our 1 year journey, we're excited to share that
@krustlet has joined @CloudNativeFdn as a sandbox project & our first alpha release of Krustlet 1.0 is out! 🎊

See the latest blog post from maintainers @matei_radu & @_oftaylor for details:

Don't miss our second talk of the day at Cloud Native #Wasm Day!

⚡️ @technosophos & @_oftaylor will be giving a lightning talk on "Storing WebAssembly Modules with #Bindle" in 10 mins ⚡️ :

📣 Our first talk of the day @ Cloud Native #Wasm Day – "WASM in the Wild West: A Practical Application Tale" with @_oftaylor & @technosophos starts in 10 minutes 📣

Details here:

Find us @ #CloudNativeWasmDay today:

🔸12:20 CEST– WASM in the Wild West: A Practical App Tale
🔸14:30 CEST– Storing WASM Modules w/ Bindle
🔸17:20 CEST– Whiteboarding the ☁️ Native WebAssemblies Landscape

As part of our Krustlet v0.6.0 release, we've announced Krator - [K]ubernetes [R]ust st[at]e machine Operat[or]. Learn how to use Krator to internally watch pods & manage state machines in core maintainer @kevin_flansburg's blog:

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Krator: My God, it's Full of States!

Building state-machine-based Operators in Rust