The 2.8 release of Linkerd adds Kubernetes multi-cluster support. This means that Linkerd can now connect Kubernetes services across cluster boundaries in a way that’s fully transparent to the application and the developers and independent of network topology. Most importantly, just like the connections that Linkerd brokers within a cluster, the connections Linkerd establishes between clusters are also automatically secured and encrypted with mTLS. Regardless of whether cross-cluster communication happens within a datacenter / VPC or across the public internet, the same confidentiality and identity guarantees that Linkerd provides for in-cluster communication are also provided for cross-cluster communication.

In this webinar, Linkerd creator Oliver Gould will go over what’s new in Linkerd 2.8 and how to start taking advantage of these features now. You will gain an understanding of:

– Key use cases for multi-cluster, including failover, “inverted multi-tenancy” and developer productivity.
– Linkerd’s service mirroring approach, which leverages as much existing Kubernetes functionality as possible to keep the multi-cluster machinery to a bare minimum.
– Linkerd as the “security plane” for your cloud native infrastructure.