Kubernetes and Service Mesh are patterns in building new applications that decouple dependencies between the application code, infrastructure and how the services should communicate. With microservices, the network becomes critical for a properly functioning application teams need to consider both North / South traffic (incoming requests from end users to the cluster) and East / West (intra cluster) communication between the services.

In this talk we will explain how Envoy Proxy works in Kubernetes as a proxy for both of these traffic directions and how it can be leveraged with Gloo to do things like traffic shaping, security, and integrate the north/south to east/west behavior.

Learn more about
· Role of Envoy Proxy from Edge to Service Mesh
· Guidance on incremental adoption of proxies in your environment
· Gloo as Envoy Proxy control plane for managing ingress
· Connecting Ingress to Service Mesh for security and observability
· New opportunities in application resilience with Service Mesh