Your migration of all legacy systems to an elegant and efficient cloud native environment was flawless. You’re happy with visibility, are confident in your security coverage and alert workflow. Your team functions as one – you’ve reached security and operations nirvana.

And then your auditor asks: “how do you keep your virus definitions up to date?” or “Who manages your intrusion detection device?”

For those who have made the move to cloud-native environments — or those considering it — many of the compliance controls to which you will be held accountable are rooted in legacy or on-prem language and concepts. Developing analogous language for audits, learning how to tell your cloud-native compliance story, and baking compliance plays into your overall cloud strategy from day one, are critical to your credibility – both to your team and organization.

In this webcast Cynthia Burke will walk through an example SOC 2 audit of a cloud native business to give tips on how to become bilingual, speaking both legacy and cloud-native languages necessary to map controls, produce audit evidence, while giving tips on how to design a cloud strategy with compliance in mind.


Cynthia Burke, Program Manager @Capsule8