The KUbernetes Test TooL (kuttl)

CNCF Member Online program

Recorded: Wednesday May 6, 2020

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Program Speakers: Gerred Dillon, Principal Engineer @D2iQ and Ken Sipe, Distributed Application Engineer @D2iQ

The KUbernetes Test TooL (kuttl) is a new tool from the creators of KUDO for declarative testing of Kubernetes and Cloud Native software. kuttl empowers developers and end users to test operators, Helm charts, Kubernetes distributions, and Kubernetes itself. In this webinar, we will introduce kuttl, walk through examples, and show how D2iQ, Red Hat, and the Kubernetes community at large are using kuttl to power conformance for anything related to Kubernetes.


Gerred Dillon, Principal Engineer @D2iQ
Ken Sipe, Distributed Application Engineer @D2iQ

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