Microservices and containers are on everyone’s mind these days. When it comes to cloud native applications and infrastructure, the industry requires a radically different approach to security in contrast to monolithic architecture. In this webinar, we will discuss what to do, in order to secure microservices and containers throughout the system development life cycle. First, we will go over the key steps we must take to secure microservices. Thereafter, Ty Sbano and Kavya Pearlman will specifically dive deeper into container security addressing the following:
* Container Hardening
* Host Protection
* Security Tooling

Ty will share issues he encountered in his practical experience, lessons learnt plus mitigation and response strategies that have helped him become a successful CISO.

“Cloud-native applications and infrastructure create several new challenges for all of us security professionals. We need to establish new security programs, have a new mindset and adopt advanced new tools that are focused primarily on securing cloud-native technologies.”
– Kavya Pearlman