The challenges and countermeasures of Service Mesh practice

CNCF Member Online program

Recorded: Wednesday July 8, 2020

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Program Speakers: 裴斐 (Fei Pei),  网易 杭州研究院 轻舟云原生技术专家、架构师

在Service Mesh架构落地过程中,业务服务往往会对Service Mesh框架的可落地性、性能、维护成本、技术演进等方面产生疑虑。本次研讨会通过对网易集团在电商、AI、新闻等热门业务Service Mesh技术栈演进实践过程中遇到的相关问题、建设思路及解决方案进行阐述,为企业业务落地Service Mesh提供参考,并给出了Service Mesh技术栈持续演进的路线。

During the implementation of the Service Mesh architecture, enterprises often have doubts about the availability, performance, maintenance costs, and technological evolution of the Service Mesh framework. In this webinar, we will explain the problems, construction ideas and solutions by NetEase Service Mesh practice in some popular areas, such as e-commerce, AI, news, etc., to provide a reference for the service mesh of the enterprise, and show the continuous evolution route of the Service Mesh technology stack.

This webinar will be delivered in Chinese.

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