The service mesh space is quickly maturing. Service meshes like Istio and Linkerd are ready to be used in production deployments. But what about the enterprise? The service mesh toolbox provides a bevy of different features that can address different microservices challenges, but certain enterprise features like RBAC, policy configuration and interoperability with existing systems require more thought. This Q&A webinar will address your questions around how to best use service mesh in large organizations with distributed teams.

Join us as we answer questions from the community including:

  • Why should I use a service mesh?
  • How can I sell my company on the idea of a service mesh?
  • Can you address service mesh and multi-cluster/multi-cloud?
  • What’s the difference between how platform team and developers would use a service mesh?
  • What RBAC capabilities does a service mesh have?
  • In production environments, how much overhead does a service mesh add?
  • How does a service mesh help with development cycles?
  • Are there certain application design choices you should take into account if you plan to introduce a service mesh into your microservices architecture?
  • Do you see enterprises as the main adopters of service meshes?
  • Are there any concerns to keep in mind when scaling up a service mesh for use in enterprise applications?