Project Antrea is an open source Kubernetes CNI network plugin simplifying secure pod connectivity and network policy enforcement powered by Open vSwitch (OVS). Project Antrea provides a powerful toolset to reason about and troubleshoot distributed security postures enforced at the application edge. Additionally, CNI solutions, including the ones built with OVS, traditionally handle switching, routing, and packet filtering in a hypervisor or OS kernel resulting in CPU overhead and preventing full utilization of available bandwidth. In this webinar, we will introduce Project Antrea and its diagnostic capabilities, and show that performance doesn’t have to be sacrificed for security by offloading the network dataplane to NIC hardware enabled with NVIDIA Mellanox Accelerated Switching And Packet Processing technology. This software-defined, hardware-accelerated approach best positions Antrea as the secure SDN of choice to meet and beat the most demanding cloud native workloads across cloud, on-premises, and edge domains.