Scalable ML workflows with advanced data management on Kubeflow

CNCF Member Online program
Presented by: Arrikto

Recorded: Tuesday October 1, 2019

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Program Speakers: Vangelis Koukis, CTO & Founder @Arrikto

Kubeflow is an end-to-end platform for Machine Learning on Kubernetes, with the goal of making deployments of machine learning workflows simple, portable and scalable. It is gaining significant traction among data scientists and ML engineers, and has outstanding community and industry support.

In this webinar we will showcase a simplified data science experience with advanced data management on Kubeflow. You will learn how to:

  • Get started with MiniKF, a production-ready, full-fledged, local Kubeflow deployment that installs in minutes
  • Easily execute an end-to-end Tensorflow example with Kubeflow Pipelines locally
  • Learn about data versioning and reproducibility during Pipeline runs
  • Run a complete Kubeflow Pipelines workflow without K8s-specific knowledge

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