Modern web application development often faces a tradeoff between safety and application speed. Rust is a powerful language which enables developers to get both: blazing fast applications with C-like performance characteristics, while avoiding many of the common pitfalls and security issues associated with C++ memory management. However, despite the capability to overcome these tradeoffs, Rust is a new language. This means successfully integrating it into your tech stack could cost significant engineering time.

Here, Kubernetes and Skaffold can help developers move quickly and safely, with continuous delivery of code to a highly available container orchestration system. This provides resources for automated testing as well as deployment of the final web application making it possible to test their app and get feedback quickly.

In this talk we will show how automating, building, and pushing a service to a Kubernetes cluster allows for quick iteration:enabling the testing of changes remotely as they are being made. We start by developing a REST service from scratch using Rust. The service will be deployed to Kubernetes on DC/OS using Skaffold.